By: Mike Sullivan

Throwing a football through a tire isn’t exactly an easy thing to do. Throwing a football through a tire that’s flying through the air is even tougher. Throwing a football through three flying tires and completing it to a teammate 20 yards away seems nearly impossible. Well, CFL Quarterback, Mike Reilly, partnered with Reebok to attempt this stunt at an indoor sports facility in Toronto. Now, I played quarterback in high school and some small college ball, so I spent a good amount of time watching this video and thinking about how difficult it would be to do this.

The timing and precision it takes to whip a spiral through three moving tires is very impressive. I wonder how much time he spent practicing this throw. And before you ask, Reilly already had his chance at the NFL. He played a few very brief NFL stints with a host of teams in 2009-2010 as a practice squad player. If his CFL career doesn’t work out, maybe he should just focus on making more cool trick throw videos like this. Check it out and let me know if you’re as impressed as I am!


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