By: Evan Jankens

It’s not everyday that the video game Grand Theft Auto comes to life. Yes, I know people steal cars everyday — cheat, steal, whatever it be — but it’s never been as realistic as this.

In the game Grand Theft Auto 5 a police chase happens on the golf course as you will see below.

Fargo, North Dakota experienced a real life police chase on a golf course. I’m not exactly sure how everything transpired — news reports say the guy who fled was wanted on warrants — and they ended up on the golf course. I’m not sure how the truck was able to get on the golf course since most courses are surrounded by fences.

There were reportedly 100 to 150 golfers on the course when it happened, and if you look closely you can see them scattering and running for their lives.

Golfer Cody Fuller caught the action on video:

“My eyes got about the size of golf balls,” Fuller said. “There were people running. I could see in the distance people scattering and running all over the place.”


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