By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (WWJ) – First a slip of the tongue — now a t-shirt.

After Manager Brad Ausmus joked “I beat my wife” when asked what he does after a Tigers’ loss, there is now a t-shirt being sold with Ausmus’s name and number. It’s the sleeveless white shirt commonly referred to as a ‘wife-beater.’

“I was actually hanging out with a friend of mine at a Detroit Tigers autograph signing the other day…and he asked me if I had heard the story about Brad Ausmus and the comments that he had made,” said the shirt’s seller Justin Pidruzny. “He said, ‘I’m surprised that nobody has come up with the idea of making a ‘wife-beater’ with Brad Ausmus’s name and number on it.'”

So Pidruzny said he decided to call up a friend who runs Fear In Clothing and see what the reaction to the shirt would be.

Is this in bad taste?

“The reaction I have seen,” said Pidruzny, “is shock, a little bit. I haven’t seen anyone complain that it is in poor taste.”

Pidruzny said it’s meant to be “tongue in cheek.”

“We don’t support Ausmus’s comments. He realized after he said it that he made a mistake and he’s made that clear in the media.”

Pidruzny plans to donate 20 percent of the sales of the shirts to Haven Oakland, a non-profit group dedicated to helping battered and abused women. He said those who may wish to do so can log onto the site and donate to the group without buying a shirt.

He said so far the shirts are selling “moderately well” with several dozen sold in the first day.

[The shirts are available HERE].

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