DETROIT (WWJ) – As Bill Cosby used to say – be careful or you might just learn something!

That may just be the case if you happen upon this group of intrepid chess players.

Hundreds of school-aged children have learned the game of chess through the Detroit City Chess Club over the past 12 years –

chess goni wong 6 plays dad julian wong mom noa ofen  brother ohad wong 3 look on 6 20 141 Chess: The New Cool For Those In School ... And Then Someas the reputation of playing chess and/or being a member of a chess club has grown from quiet introvert to cool-kid status.

Playing one-on-one the kids have developed the skills to compete across several states.

The skills that come from the game of chess are invaluable; patience, strategic thinking, developing skills for one-on-one competition, focus, and concentration. The added bonus is that many of the kids see an increase in their grade point average as well.

This club is inclusive! Young or older,  if you want to learn or just hone your chess skills there are a variety of outlets that you can choose including opportunities at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Play at the DIA cafe – which is right next to the Prentis Court so visitors can enjoy a meal and mull-over their strategy. “I saw some players continuing their chess game in the cafe as they enjoyed a snack or beverage,”  said WWJ Newsradio 950 alum Pat Sweeting.

But keep in mind there is no food is permitted in the main part of Prentis Court.

It’s just one of several classes for children and others offered at the DIA.

Sweeting says she’s played with other DCCC members at other locations – one of which – the coach let her win.

Even knowing that, “it felt good to say Checkmate,” she said.






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