The two part season premiere of Big Brother Season 16 began yesterday and as Julie would say, “will be the most twisted season this year,” which I can agree with. Way too many alliances were being formed and we only met half of the houseguests. We also heard more about the twist, “Team America,” and we found out who was one of the first HOH of the season. Without further ado, here’s what happened last night.

Conspiracy Theories

After the introductions with the houseguests, they continued to wonder when and where the next eight houseguests would enter in the Big Brother house. Immediately we saw alliances being formed with the first eight and we were introduced to “The Crazy Eights.” Then we saw the four ladies have a meeting and Paula suggesting an all female alliance and “El Cuatro,” was formed. As Dan Gheesling winner of Season 10, runner up of Season 14 and local Michigander said on his Twitter …

… which I would whole-heartedly agree with because they have yet to meet the other eight houseguests and Joey even felt “nerve wrecked,” because she just met them. It’s clear that these houseguests are jumping into alliances quickly without analyzing everything. So we’ll see how far it will go.

Too Much Love For Cody

Well we can already see the first showmance of the season, Cody & Paula being formed. Clearly both of them like each other and we’re seeing this little showmance forming. However there could even be a bromance forming from Cody & Frankie. But I don’t think Cody likes Frankie as much as Frankie likes Cody. Also we saw Donnie and Devin interact and Devin suggesting to from an alliance with each other. Which is not surprising to me, however will see in time if the other houseguests will figure out those two being in an alliance. Thankfully Donnie or Devin mentioned above came up with numbered names for their “alliance,”

Holding Onto Your Kite For HOH

Julie announces to the houseguests that one of the first eight will become the first HOH but with a twist, “Just because you’re HOH doesn’t mean you’re safe.” With more paranoia ensuing and trying to figure out what that means the houseguests started throwing out ideas of what that could be. With America knowing the twist of two HOHs, it’s obvious that the other HOH for the first week will come from the other eight houseguests. We are then cut to the competition, where the houseguests had to hold onto their kites to win HOH, but of course they were standing on top of a rotating wheel. Very quickly we see Paula fall off, then Joey and then Nicole, leaving it to Amber for “El Cuatro,” to lead the all female alliance to victory. In the end it was Amber and Frankie who were left and it was Frankie who was victorious. After the competition was completed, Julie then informs Frankie about the second group having an HOH winner and that at the end of the week only him or the other HOH winner will be remain. Which as a cliffhanger was not only nerve wrecking for us but also for the houseguests. A funny moment while the credits are rolling, we see Frankie doing his impression of season 12 and winner of season 13 contestant Rachel Reilly.

My Ranking Of The First Eight

1. Amber …

2. Frankie – Won HOH, pretty simple, however with the twist, doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be the HOH for the week. I do give him credit for winning but it’s a blessing and a curse. Not only does it show him as a competitor but also a threat in the game.
3. Paula – Quickly forming and alliance with the ladies, however not so great for falling so quickly in the HOH competition.
4. Devin – Also smart to from an alliance but with one person and that being Donnie. Was in the middle of the pack for the competition and so he’s in the middle of the pack for my rankings.
5. Cody – Neither good nor bad. Needing more time to fully access how he’ll be in the game.
6. Nicole – Didn’t last long in the HOH competition. I give her credit for quickly scoping out her competition as well as keeping a relatively low profile.
7. Joey – Was the second to fall out of the HOH competition, but joined “El Cuatro,” and really haven’t seen too much more from her.
8. Donnie – Definitely an odd man out of the group. Was in the middle of the pack for the HOH competition, did form an alliance with Devin. Donnie’s biggest mistake, telling Devin he’s watched every season and episode of Big Brother.

Prediction & Team America Twist

I predict that if the same competition is played out for the second group of eight houseguests that Hayden, the 21-year-old pedicab driver will win. At the end of the episode Julie informs us more on the “Team America,” twist, which she stated that we already voted on which houseguest we would align with most and “Team America,” will consist of three houseguests in a secret alliance. So it’s like America’s Player but now it’s America’s Players having to do secret tasks and missions that we, America, get to decide for them to do. However it’s not just anything obviously so we’ll have to wait and see what exactly “Team America,” will pan out to be.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight at 9pm to CBS 62 Detroit for the second part of the premier of Big Brother Season 16. Where we’ll meet the other eight houseguests, find out from that eight will win HOH and hopefully learn more about “Team America,” “Battle of the Block,” and what other possible twists we can expect for the season. I’ll be live tweeting tonight for the second part of the premiere, so connect with me on my twitter @whoismarkdrum. This season of Big Brother is surely shaping up to be a “twisted” summer!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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