After Wednesday’s start of Big Brother 16, the second part of the premiere was just as great keeping the houseguests as well as the viewers on the edge of our seats. Julie introduced us to the last eight houseguests and then informed them that the other eight have already moved in, an HOH was crowned and that one of them would also be crowned HOH. The reaction from the final eight houseguests was great realizing the game had already begun even before they had entered the house. With that said, this season is beginning to be “twisted” and let the games begin!

The Chemistry Change

With the addition of the last eight houseguests, it’s clear that the “Crazy Eights,” has already seen a crack in their alliance. We’ll have to see how long it will last. Apparently John Travolta, The Rock, Whitney Houston and Britney Spears are inside the Big Brother house? After the warm greetings and introductions, alliances were already being questioned and we were not seen any formed from the last eight, however it was insinuated that the game was currently “us (the crazy eight) vs. them (the last eight).” Quickly all 16 houseguests were bonding, trying to feel everyone out. Victoria and Frankie made a strong connection and seemed to have made an alliance. While Paula, was scoping out Caleb to see how much of a threat he was. Dan Gheesling said it best about Caleb via Twitter …

My favorite moment was Zach getting under Frankie’s skin. However Zach was being slightly abrasive towards Frankie, but this is Big Brother so it’s no surprise with how people would interact. Clearly Zach wanted to see Frankie’s reaction.

Holding On To Become HOH

The second HOH competition was underway, where the houseguests had to hold on to the “barbecue spit,” if they wanted to become HOH. Julie tells the last eight that one of them will join Frankie as HOH, however by the end of the week only one of them will remain and of course leaving them with a cliffhanger.

Sounds like you don’t plan on winning the game. #BB16.” In the end, it was Caleb and Hayden holding on but it was Caleb who outlasted Hayden to become the second HOH of the first week.

Explanation of Twists

After Caleb was victorious, Julie informs the houseguests of how HOH would play out. Two HOHs means that there would be four nominations, then there would be a new competition being played called, “Battle of the Block (BotB).” The four nominees would compete in the new competition as a duo and whichever duo wins dethrones the HOH that nominated them and gives them safety for the week. While the other HOH and the two nominees remain in tact. There will still be a Power of Veto (POV) competition, so it still gives those still nominated a chance to play and the dethroned HOH a possibly being nominated. This was a great twist for Big Brother to introduce. It’s clear that floaters would definitely have to rethink their strategy as well as those who become HOH would have to decide, would it rather be wise to nominate strong or weak players to compete? The game definitely changed with this twist and it will be interesting to see how long this would last for the season. I predict it can only last until we get to Jury.

The First Member of Team America

Joey was the first member selected on Team America. It was then explained that for each mission that the three members complete would win $5000. This is another great twist in the game because this alliance should last long in the game. However I won’t be surprised if somehow the other houseguests speculate a twist like this happening or being revealed. But I was pleasantly surprised to see Joey being selected, since it was assumed Frankie would be the first member with his large following as well as his sister’s following to be bringing in votes. We have another America’s Vote to select the next member of the “Team America,” alliance. Who would you like to see in it?

Ranking of the Final Eight Houseguests

  1. Derrick – Played it smart with the HOH competition, lasting long enough to show he was a competitor but not win HOH and to get “blood” on his hands. Being an undercover cop, he’s very in tune with the surrounding and scoping out the other houseguests.
  2. Zach – Though he was a little abrasive with Frankie, Zach is playing a smart game as well. He didn’t win HOH but he also wasn’t the first few to drop from the competition. We’ll see if his strategy comes off smart or if he comes off as a floater.
  3. Caleb – Won HOH, but also puts an immediate target on his back. The competition clearly showed how strong he was physically. Hopefully Caleb is also strong mentally and can play a great social game in this house, because you can’t just win the game on brute strength.
  4. Hayden – Held on with Caleb at the end for the HOH competition. But like Caleb never wanting to lose a competition is a bit bull headed thinking. Hayden appears to be a likable guy with the other houseguests and so his social game should be good to keep him safe for a bit.
  5. Christine – Floater, but seems nice. Better grab that life vest, as Rachel Reilly (Season 13 winner & Season 12 participant) would say.
  6. Jocasta – Floating as well, no real game playing from her being made.
  7. Brittany – Floating but made a great bond with Derrick having a connection of having kids. Will have to wait to see if she has a great social game and can do well in mental competitions.
  8. Victoria – First to fall out of the competition, funny how Frankie wanted to work with her but after being the first to drop, Frankie quickly rethinking being aligned with her. I wonder if Victoria will have a great social game and we will just have to wait and see.

Predictions For Nominations & BOTB

With this new twist it really is hard to guess which four people would be nominated. But if I had to guess both Frankie and Caleb will nominate people from the opposing eight houseguests that came in together into the house. I believe Frankie will nominate houseguests he can align with but also know if the were to stay nominated would be people he could also send packing. So my prediction for Frankie’s nominations are Hayden & Brittany, both seem very likable however Hayden is a physical threat and competitor while Brittany could be seen as a possible pawn. While my prediction for Caleb’s nominations would be Paula & Devin. Paula is playing the game way too strong too quickly while Devin is an easy first target as well as pawn.

With the BOTB twist it’s a blessing and a curse for the two HOHs because that means if there nominees win, they are dethroned and have the possibility of being evicted, while those who lost the competition remain nominated and the HOH that nominated them still in power. So this leaves many different scenarios to play out. Also this could affect the “Team America” alliance because we could see the houseguests we have in it being eliminated and lose some power in the house.

Schedule For The Summer

With the added competition the set schedule we’re all familiar with makes a slight addition. Live Evictions and HOH competitions will happen on Thursdays. Nominations and BOTB will happen on Sunday and POV will happen on Wednesday at. Also Live Feeds have officially begun and if you haven’t subscribed, there is a free two day trial being offered right now on So for the super fans out there having the Live Feeds are great to see the houseguests interact as well as find out what will happen in the house before it gets aired on TV. I wonder what other twists may be thrown in this summer and who will win this season. One thing is for sure, this season has officially begun and I look forward to tuning in on CBS Detroit 62 on Sundays & Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm for all the episodes of Big Brother!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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