DETROIT (WWJ) – It can look like a summer snowfall as the seeds from cottonwood trees go flying through the air.

But even though many associate this “fluff” with sneezing,runny noses and itchy eyes — allergists say cottonwood is not to blame.

Dr. Devang Doshi, an allergy and immunology expert with Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital, said that although the cottonwood seeds happen around during allergy season — it doesn’t mean they’re the cause of your congestion.

Doshi told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Jon Hewett it’s actually grass pollen that is making life miserable for thousands of metro Detroit allergy sufferers.

He said some of the problem pollen is also from late-blooming trees; but it’s all actually invisible to the naked eye.

“There’s an extensive amount of tree pollen as well as grass pollen this time of he year,” Joshi told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Jon Hewett.

“Typically pollen that affects us and causes those common symptoms of these seasonal allergies are really microscopic particles,and they carry for miles and miles in the air, and we really can’t see them,” Doshi said. “So all of those microscopic particles are really what’s causing people to become symptomatic…and really feel miserable during this perfect time of the year.”

Doshi said the cottonwood is pretty much free of pollen by the time the seeds are released.



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