GULL ISLAND (WWJ) – If you’re taking part in Friday’s Jobbie Nooner boating party on Lake St. Clair, beware — electronic eyes will be watching.

Jobbie Nooner, also known as the Mardi Gras of the Midwest, is a “welcome to summer” party, held each year on Gull Island. Thousands of scantily clad partiers boat out to the island for the adults-only bash, which starts at dawn and goes well into the night.

“There’s loud, loud music and alcohol involved and stuff like that,” said Chip Miller, owner of Miller Marina.

Miller told WWJ’s Mike Campbell that he’ll be among the Jobbie crowd this year but it’s not because he wants to party — he’s bringing drones to capture all the raucous fun.

“They have 3D Gimbal housings on them, so I can shoot up to 4K video, full high-definition,” Miller said. “You won’t really be able to make out details of people’s faces necessarily, you know, you’ve got to get right on top of somebody to actually get good detail, but there will be really good high-def pictures.”

Miller wants to take the videos for a Facebook page, he said, to show all the opportunities that Lake St. Clair offers.

“I like to get photos and videos of stuff like this, get it on the internet so people can see what’s going on out on the lake and promote the lake,” he said.

Miller said Jobbie Nooner is just one of those events that despite its boisterous reputation, is nationally known.

“It’s become a huge party on the lake and it’s definitely a milestone event for our lake,” he said.

Miller said the videos he records Friday will also allow those who can’t make the party to still take in the experience.

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