DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s hot, it’s sticky and that means many folks are cranking up the air conditioning. But if your unit is on the fritz — it could be because of a seasonal white and puffy menace.

If you’re spotting a flurry of cottonwood seeds around or stuck to your air-conditioning unit, Air Master Heating and Cooling President Michael Levey says don’t ignore it.

“You want to make sure you take a hose and wash that off your air conditioner. That will make a world of difference – you could save 20 – 30 percent of your electric bill,” said Levey.

Levey says the white stuff clogs the unit and could cause it overheat.

“I don’t recommend that you go up and down in this hot weather just set it at 72 or 74 … and leave it, don’t go up and down.”

He also suggests you change your filters.

On the health front;  even though many associate this “fluff” with sneezing,runny noses and itchyicon1 Cottonwood Seeds Causing A Flurry Of Air Conditioning Woes  eyes — allergists say cottonwood is not to blame.


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