DETROIT (WWJ) – Faust street on Detroit’s west side turns into Lake Faust as neighbors cope with water as high as a foot – gushing out of a water main break.

Christopher Alexander says they’ve had no running water for two days and have had to get creative to get across the road.

“Got nothing better to do, one of our neighbors had a floatie, a lot of water … just having fun,” said Alexander.

Water main break near Ford and Southfield roads.  (WWJ/Kathryn Larson)

Water main break near Ford and Southfield roads. (WWJ/Kathryn Larson)

Check out the video here:

The neighbors have watched water, which runs about 12 inches deep, gush out of a broken water main on the street.

Neighbor Charles Brown tells WWJ’s Kathryn Larson it’s a very frustrating position to be in:

“No hot bathes, not even a cold one because we don’t have water,” said Brown. “I guess we have to go to the neighbors to go swimming if we know the neighbor has a pool … this is white water rafting,” referring to the flooded street.

Residents say Detroit water and sewer did inspect the area on Friday and has promised to fix the water main break affecting the neighborhood near Ford and Southfield Roads by Monday afternoon.






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