What is going on with Devin? He’s a ticking time bomb and I won’t be surprised to see him going home sooner rather than later. One of the executive producers Chris Roach tweeted “@CM_Roach: New #BB16 opening titles debut tonight! They’re awesome.” What did you think of it? I personally missed the old opening titles because it made the houseguests like real people and we were spying in. There were lots of changes to things for this season. Anyways tonight’s episode featured Devin plotting for his safety but in reality making himself a target in the game.

Bomb Squad Alliance

Since Caleb & Frankie won HOH, we finally got to see the HOH room and finally saw the game start. I was a little bummed we didn’t get to see pictures or a letter from home. Hopefully they’re saving that for only one HOH and we’ll see it on Wednesday. Beside the little montage of Christine and Nicole’s budding friendship and “Nerd Glasses Alliance,” it was clear that both Caleb & Frankie wanted to work together as co-HOH. Even though either Caleb or Frankie would be dethroned and have the possibility of being nominated after the veto then evicted. Then we see Caleb & Frankie plotting an all guy alliance with Devin, Derrick, Cody & Zach. However it wasn’t enough for Devin because he invites two ladies into the “Bomb Squad,” alliance, Christine & Amber. Dan Gheesling said it perfectly on Twitter …

Devin backs out of his alliance with Donny and even though that alliance could seem a little predictable, Donny seems to be a loyal person but Devin is too paranoid and immediately puts his alliance to his new alliance, “Bomb Squad.”

Victoria’s Trust Is Broken & Her Redemption

Did anyone notice how they didn’t pull out the keys of those who were safe and instead immediately showed how were nominated. Caleb nominated Paola & Donnie, while Frankie nominated Brittany & Victoria. Then we see a distraught Victoria upset while Frankie tries to do damage control and console her. Does Victoria remember what game she’s playing? I did however like how she used that emotion into the Battle of the Block (BOTB) competition. To clarify, the BOTB competition is where the four nominated houseguests compete as a duo and try to win for their safety as well as remove the HOH that nominated them out of power. I couldn’t believe how poorly Paola did in that competition. It goes to show that there are competitions that some houseguests are better than others. I look forward to seeing what other types of challenges there will be in the BOTB competitions. At the end of the competition Victoria & Brittany were victorious, meaning they dethroned Frankie from HOH, guaranteed their safety and left Caleb as HOH with Donnie & Paola still on the block.

Prediction for POV

Here’s hopgin Paola can redeem herself in the POV competition, but I predict that Caleb will win it and keep the nominations the same. Caleb showed he was a physical threat and if the challenge is a physical challenge, Caleb will do well. If Caleb was smart and won POV, he would use it and put up Devin as the replacement giving the reason, “you’re too paranoid and need to go home.” I wonder if we’ll see a new POV medallion or a new POV ceremony.

But we’ll have to wait and see on Wednesday! Don’t forget to tune in at 8 p.m. on CBS Detroit 62!


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