By: Evan Jankens

“Isn’t this supposed to be the city of brotherly love?” That’s a quote from NHL commissioner Gary Bettman as he stood in front of thousands of NHL and Philadelphia Flyers fans — as they booed as loud as they could.

Bettman took the podium as he continued to talk, saying, “I love your passion.” You know there is no way he really felt that way. Getting booed on national TV and in front of your peers can never be a fun thing to take part in. He continued to give shout outs to plenty of people as the boos seemed to get louder and louder for each word that came out of Gary Bettman’s mouth.

It seems Bettman is a good sport as you can see him crack a smile here and there and I would imagine it would be tough not to.

The booing went on for nearly 3 minutes.


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