COMMERCE TOWNSHIP (WWJ) – An Oakland County candidate is focusing on “kitchen table issues” and to make her point, she’s actually carrying around a kitchen table on the campaign trail.

WWJ’s Marie Osborne reports that Republican Deb O’Hagan has taken a different approach to campaigning … letting the voters come to her.

“We sit around with our family and our friends, sit around a kitchen table, and they … always say, ‘why are they doing that? How come they’re not doing this?’ This is what we want to take to Lansing,” said O’Hagan.

O’Hagen will have to unseat incumbent Klint Kesto in the 39th District in the August primary but O’Hagen believes a lot of people are connecting with her message.

She credits her manager with the innovative approach to campaigning.

“People love it, they get it – they are tired of the top down politics … people stopped to talk about the issues and later donated to my campaign,” said O’Hagen.

O’Hagen said she used to carry a wooden table around but has opted for the card table because it’s easier to carry.


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