BELLE ISLE (WWJ) –  Belle Isle’s golf center is struggling since the takeover of the island by the State of Michigan and it’s not exactly par for the course.

While it may be difficult to get in at most golf courses reports WWJ’s Stephanie Davis, you will have no problem getting out on the links at the Belle Isle Golf Center.

General Manager and owner, Dave Coy says that’s because business at the golf range is down by an estimated 60-70 percent since the state has taken over the island.

“I really think it turned out to be more of an issue of just the policing; there are positives, it’s safer, there are bad guys that are gone, you know, the partying is gone. I used to find liquor bottles up and down the front of my facility on a daily basis – whether they were broken or just thrown in the grass and I don’t hardly find a bottle anymore – I like all that, but it’s really, really been a crushing blow to the business,” said Coy.

Coy believes policing is part of the problem: He says a couple different junior groups have notified him that after years play at the golf center– they won’t be returning because some parents don’t want to be harassed.

And while Coy says the island has been a lot safer, with a continuous police presence, it has also translated into a significant drop in customers at the golf range.

“On a normal, nice sunny day there (used to be) traffic going by pretty steadily – now it’s a car here, a car there, pretty much all the time.”

There’s more information about the course [HERE] and at


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