By: Evan Jankens
@kingofthekc has done their rankings for the top 10 scoreboards in college football. Two Big Ten teams made the list — Ohio State and Michigan State.

Michigan State came in at 9 and Ohio State at 10.

Michigan State got their new scoreboards in 2012 and ESPN has this to say about Spartan Stadium:

9. Michigan State: Talk about an upgrade. When the school decided it was time to expand its puny scoreboard in 2012, the size grew from 567 square feet to a massive 5,300 square feet. It was a part of a $10 million project to upgrade the entire stadium’s viewing experience. This gives a whole new meaning to The Big Green

I’m not sure if I really get the “Big Green” mention but I guess since they are green and white ESPN ran with it.

The top three are Texas who has a scoreboard that is 55 feet tall and is 134 feet long, measuring around 7,370 square feet.  Texas A&M which is measured 47-by-163 and have nearly 300 more square feet (7,661) than Texas’ big board. Arkansas rounds out the top 3 with a scoreboard that has the longest scoreboard in the nation that is 166.3 feet long.

Um, you know who’s  not on the list? The maize and blue team out of Ann Arbor.

And that’s interesting, well, for many reasons, but one is that U of M spent $20 million (yes, MILLION) for scoreboard projects including two, 4,000 square foot LED screens at the Big House in 2011, according to The Michigan Daily.





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