By Dan Leach

It is no secret that athletes always get some of the hottest women on the planet. Just ask Justin Verlander or terrific Tom Brady — as long as you don’t ask if it affects their performance.

As the World Cup — by far the biggest single sporting event in the universe — has exploded around the globe, it has shown millions who had no idea how beautiful the game of futbol/soccer is in this country, but has also showed us that soccer stars simply get some of the hottest women on the planet.

Here are my top five soccer WAG’s in the world and believe you me, this was an extremely hard list to make with the plethora of choices in the proverbial “draw.” Bottom line, it pays to be a World Class footballer again and again!

#5 — Sam Cooke, 28-years-old, Glamour Model
Girlfriend of Chris Smalling — England/Manchester United

Smalling’s English side might have left Brasil with its tails between its legs, missing the Knockout Round for the first time since 1958. Something tells me though that he will be just fine.

#4 — Edurne, 28-years-old, Spanish Pop Singer
Girlfriend of David De Gea, Spain/Manchester United

It has been said the Edurne sings David to sleep every night and it NEVER gets old.

#3 — Shakira, 37-years-old, Colombian musical superstar whose Hips Don’t Lie
Girlfriend and baby mama of Girard Pique, Spain/FC Barcelona

Pique’s Spanish side was by far the biggest disappointment of this years World Cup, but when he comes home at night disappointment goes out the window as fast as you can say Aye Ye Ye!

#2 — Sarah Brandner, 25-year-old, German Model and sexiest math major in history of academia
Girlfriend of Bastian Schweinsteiger, Germany/Bayern Munich

Schweinsteiger not only has one of the coolest names in sports, but a girlfriend who simply makes you run out of words to describe her. she will definitely make life much more tolerable for him after Team USA whips up on his squad in the final game of the group stage.

#1 — Gabriella Lenzi, 20-years-old, Super Nova
Girlfriend of Neymar-Brazil/FC Barcelona

Yep it’s pretty damn great to be Neymar!


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