Last night’s episode continued to prove just how paranoid Devin really is about the game. We finally got to see who was selected as Have Nots and the houseguests saw the Ice Box aka the Have Not Room. The Power of Veto (POV) competition was played and last night also proved my admiration for Donnie. The POV competition also proves that people need to work on spelling. With this in mind let me get you caught up to speed.

Fear The Beard

After the Battle of the Block (BOTB) competition was completed it apparently showed how much of a threat Donnie was in the game to Caleb & Devin. I couldn’t stop laughing at Frankie’s confessional in the diary room when Frankie was listening to Caleb & Devin go at it that Donnie was in the military. Also I couldn’t help but think, if Donnie was such a threat then how come Brittany and Victoria win? I was shaking my head at the assumptions Caleb and Devin were making. I won’t be surprise to see them going home before jury.

It just surprises me that from the very beginning Devin wanted to make an alliance with Donnie only to turn his back on him the next day after meeting the other houseguests. I really hope Devin realizes how stupid he is to thinking Donnie is such a threat to his game. Seeing Donnie be vulnerable wasn’t an act, yet in Devin’s eyes Donnie was acting and trying to get sympathy. I’m glad to see though that it hurt Donnie that Devin who he thought was in an alliance with was doubting his trust. As Donnie mentioned he’s watched every single Big Brother, he knows the game but isn’t being a liar, yet, in the game.

Also the quick segment with Christine and Nicole (aka Nerd Glasses Alliance) of them having a freak out of possible ghosts in the Big Brother house was a great tangent and comic relief in the episode.

El Cuatro No Más (The Four No More)

Well it looks like the all girl alliance isn’t happening yet again for Big Brother. This isn’t surprising because it has yet to work well. The closest to an all girl alliance was The Friendship (aka Nerd Herd) back from Season Six but really its like the bizarro Bomb Squad of this season (Maggie, Ivette, April, Jennifer, Beau & Eric). I was surprised at how quickly Amber threw Joey under the bus about making an all girl alliance. Last time I check Amber was a part of El Cuatro with Joey, Paola and Nicole. Apparently it seems to look like that is no more. I can’t believe how quickly Joey admitted to Devin about making an all girl alliance. Devin is a fool, he may be right that Joey is a bad player, but he needs to look in the mirror and look at how he’s playing this game.

We finally got to see the Ice Box! I was surprised that the houseguests didn’t get the hint with the “slopsicle” in what the Have Not room would be like. I doubt next week no houseguest would want to volunteer.

Spelling For The Veto

The POV competition was of course a very similar competition in year’s past. This year’s theme, Miami Lice was an obvious parody to a certain TV show from the past. It was really funny seeing the houseguests in some brightly colored 80’s wardrobe. Having heard Paola has seen how Big Brother works and then seeing her feel intimated by the guys competing makes me wonder how much of the game she knows. Also it is way to early in the game to see who’s a threat in the game. It’s still week one! Another comic relief moment in the episode was when Jocasta was giving emotional support to Paola as well as being the “buggy” host of the POV competition.

The competition was simple; grab a letter one at a time to spell out a word. Easy right? Apparently only two people could spell a word correctly in the given amount of time. It was funny to hear Hayden’s heavy metal song to Paola’s incorrect spelling of “calculator,” and creating a new word “caltoru.” Zach had a really great strategy in hiding letters while figuring out what word he wanted to spell. Donnie was taking his time and not wasting energy in running back and forth collecting letters. Meanwhile Caleb, Cody, Paola, and Victoria had a word they wanted to spell. However they failed to collect all the letters they needed. It was down to Zach with his word, “warning,” and Donnie with his word. Which in the end Donnie was the winner with his nine-letter word, “splitters.” I was happy to see Donnie win, but also so surprised to see the other houseguests fail on this competition. Here’s hoping these houseguests get their head in the game and start to compete.

Joey’s Loud Mouth

It was clear that Donnie would use the POV on himself, leaving a nomination open. The clear choice for Caleb was Joey, due tot the fact that she wanted to start an all girl alliance. I’m so confused by these houseguests because how much of a threat is Joey? Is Caleb really thinking weeks in advance for his safety? However in the end it was Joey, in admitting trying to make the alliance as well as owning up to it when Joey should have denied and tried to play it off as a joke. But with those actions led Caleb to put Joey up on the block. Which means America that someone in our alliance in this season’s game is up for eviction. Looks like Team America will be down one person and will maybe need a replacement for Joey if she is evicted.

Prediction for Eviction and Two HOHs

With a unanimous vote, since it looks like the house will follow the majority or what I like to call “the herd,” and vote to evict Joey. For the two HOHs in winning the HOH competition(s) my hope is for Christine and Derrick. I would like to see where their heads are at in the game. Also both of them are members of the Bomb Squad. It would be interesting to see if they nominate people from their own alliance or non-bomb squat members. If whoever is in power was smart, would nominate people they are aligned with to compete in BOTB, to then take the risk of being eliminated but ensure safety to two of their own alliance members also have the opportunity to play in the POV to get themselves safe and not be backdoored.

We will have to just tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see what happens. I look forward to seeing who will be evicted, who our two new HOHs are and who the second member of Team America is. If you haven’t had the chance go to to check out Caleb’s HOH blog entry as well as follow the Big Brother HOH twitter, @BigBrotherHOH, to see what the HOH each week will tweet about.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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