Well America, the first member of our alliance got eliminated. Joey the 27-year-old Hair & Make-Up Artist from Seattle, WA was eliminated. Though I was not surprised by the outcome because it was clear these houseguests follow the herd and the Bomb Squad controlling the game. I’m glad they finally showed Caleb’s infatuation with Amber. For those who watch the Live Feeds have known about this. Each episode can’t air everything but they do their best to create a story for the viewers. Julie’s news of a foul during the HOH competitions was amusing and a bit annoyed at the final outcome.

Paola Lays Low & Joey’s Alter Ego Appears

After the POV ceremony, we see Joey & Paola talk to Caleb individually trying to figure out who the target is. Joey takes the approach of passive aggressive approach but gets no answer, while Paola asks Caleb directly. Caleb ensures Paola that she’s not the target. Hearing that Paola admits in the Diary Room that she wants to lay low. While Joey hears that she is the target from the other houseguests and being the feminist that she is wants to make sure to let the ladies of the house know that they need to not let the men control the game. “Alex,” Joey’s alter ego emerges and starts causing a scene.

“Alex” was a very weird character and Joey did have good intentions it wasn’t going to save her from being eliminated. The unanimous vote was not surprising, like I said these houseguests are going with the herd and whoever is in power. Here’s hoping the Bomb Squad will get detonated before they get rid of everyone who isn’t a part of the alliance. The whole Caleb & Amber segment was a bit awkward. Caleb has clear romantic feelings for Amber but Amber doesn’t feel the same. If this is how Caleb talks to women, he needs to work on communicating his feelings better. It was painful to watch. Amber’s reaction is priceless and the sounds effects just made it even better!

HOH Greek Week & Team America Reborn

Well it was Greek Week, in the Big Brother House this week. The ladies and then the guys competed for HOHs. Now if Joey was in the house, I think she would have had a field day with feminism for the fact the competition was split between guys and girls. It looked to be a tight race between Amber & Brittany, however Brittany dropped a keg disqualifying her and paving the way for Amber to win one of two HOHs for the week. For the guys it was a three-way race to ring the buzzer between Cody, Hayden and Devin. Hayden had a very strong lead between Cody and Devin, but as he was heading to the buzzard fell and was eliminated. Then it was announced by Julie that Cody was the winner. But moments after announcing controversy ensued and Julie informs us there may have been a foul and were going to review the tapes. After the commercial break we are told Cody rang his buzzer after he fail, resulting in a disqualification, which meant Devin was the new second HOH for the week. A very cheerful Devin was glad to hear he had won and Cody being disqualified.

With the eviction of Joey, we were then left back with three open positions in our Team America alliance. It was shown that Donnie was chosen to be a part of Team America. I am happy to see him a part of the alliance and can’t wait to find out who the other two members are. My personal choices would be Nicole and Derrick. But I can see America choosing Christine and Frankie. So we’ll see on Wednesday who the other two are.

Ranking of the Houseguest

Top Three Houseguests

  1. Donnie – He may be older than most of the houseguests, but having won the POV and taking himself off the block and showing he’s a competitor. Plus it doesn’t hurt that America has chosen him to be apart of an interactive twist. What is hurting him is actually having an alliance with nobody, unless he’s still in an alliance with Devin.
  2. Derrick – He’s in a good position in the house, he’s a part of the Bomb Squad Alliance and everyone seems to like him. The fact that he’s also an undercover cop is working to his advantage for his social game getting to know the houseguests.
  3. Amber – She’s the first female to win a HOH, but can that last? We’ll have to wait and see how her nominees will do during the BOTB competition. She’s safe for now.

Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Paola – Even though she was saved from eviction, her showing as a competitor has been lacking. Is anyone surprised that “El Cuatro,” is kaput?
  2. Hayden – He has yet to win a HOH comp and he’s been close the past two weeks. This may be seen a a strength but it’s putting more of a target on himself. He’s definitely a physical threat to the Bomb Squad Alliance and I won’t be surprised if he gets nominated.
  3. Victoria – Has she done anything in this game yet? I’m starting to forget she’s even a houseguest and competing on this show.


  1. Zach – He may be a part of the Bomb Squad Alliance, but he hasn’t really done anything to stand out. Maybe he’s taking a page from Dan Gheesling’s playbook, however Dan had formed an alliance with someone already and was nominated for eviction. Zach needs to do something or he’ll be a floater in my book.
  2. Jocasta – She’s still in this game and doing absolutely nothing. Waiting to see if she’ll remove the life vest and start playing the game.
  3. Victoria & Paola – I think they’re enjoying their life vests a little too much in this game.

Prediction for Nominations & BOTB Winners

I predict that Amber will nominate Hayden and Caleb because they’re both physically strong competitors, but could easily win the BOTB. While I predict Devin will nominate Nicole & Brittany, knowing fully well that if Amber were to target men, she would be dethroned. Hopefully we will see the Bomb Squad Alliance start to crumble or at least turn on each other. It’s kind of difficult trying to root for the underdogs when the majority of the house is in one alliance and in power. It’s only been one week and I’m getting bored. That’s not good!

Hopefully with Team America being complete and revealed on Wednesday, we’ll see some interesting things happen. Also I would really like to see a Have and Have Not competition, but with this new twist it doesn’t seem like that will happen, so we’ll probably be left with the HOHs having to decide who those people are for a bit.

Tune in Sunday, July 6 at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see whom Amber & Devin nominate, and then see which of the HOHs gets dethroned.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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