TRAVERSE CITY (WWJ) – Pop bottles, paper products, even the remains of full cases of beer litter the grounds of an otherwise beautiful beach before a seasonal fireworks display.

Douglas Vipond, a Detroit man who grew up in Kalkaska, is taking to Facebook to complain about the trash revelers have left behind this holiday weekend in Traverse City.

The picture is of a littered West Bay beach just before the fireworks on Friday night and he and many others re-posted the sad sight on Facebook.

Samantha Widner took the photo that has begun a virtual outrage over the condition the beach was left in.

“There’s no point in it, it’s absurdity, it’s ridiculous,” said Vipond on the trashed condition of the beach.

“A lot of the natives have become disgusted with it, a lot of them … leave town for this cherry festival that’s going on plus the fourth (of July).”

Vipond says he’s disheartened that a lot of the trash seems to have been left behind by local youths as well.


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