With the power of HOH in Amber and Devin’s hands, the Bomb Squad alliance was still in power. Devin’s playing an emotional game and the power of HOH is getting to his head. Besides Devin the episode had some great moments of shomances in bloom and we saw a HOH dethroned.

Devin calls a House Meeting

Zach said it best, “House Meetings don’t end well,” and I completely agree. Devin’s sincere apology to Donnie should have been done to just Donnie and not needing to be announced to the house. I was surprised how quickly Devin poured the truth to Donnie. I’m glad Donnie see’s how unworthy Devin is of his trust. Here’s hoping that Donnie being a part of Team America the other members will be good alliances members for him.

With the house meeting not going well it was Brittany that saw right through Devin. When Devin hears that Brittany apparently was twisting his words, he immediately puts Brittany as the main target for him for the week. However his alliance tries to assure him that their are bigger targets to attack. But Devin says he’s not playing personally, but when he puts his emotions in the game, he’s playing personally. Funny how quickly people change from before the show and during. I hope Devin can see how ridiculous he’s playing right now because he’s going a little power crazy as Cody had feared would happen. Some of the members of his own alliance are seeing he’s a threat to their own game and aligning with him can be detrimental. Frankie makes a great point, “Stop telling the truth,” its a game and lying is going to happen. I do commend Devin for trying to play an honest game, but his gameplay at the moment is awful.

Showmances In The Air

Hayden & Nicole little flirtation is some clear signs of a showmance brewing. Hayden’s schoolboy crush is adorable and Nicole’s constant flirting is a great comic relief in the game. I think the alliance of Nicole, Christine and Hayden is a smart alliance, but as Nicole said “it needs to be a secret.” The “weirdos need to stick together,” and as odd as that sound the three of them need to, to further themselves in this game. It will be interesting to see later on where Christine’s allegiance will lie with either Nicole & Hayden or the Bomb Squad. Right now she’s sitting really pretty and safe but also could be seen as a floater.

Caleb’s missing of affection is quite amusing. I wasn’t surprised that Devin would be his cuddle buddy. Could this be the start of a budding bromance? Even though Caleb has his eyes for Amber. I was surprised that Amber’s name wasn’t brought up in the cuddle conversation. I would like to see Devin serenade Caleb; it would be some great entertainment.

Frankie and Zach or better known as “Zrankie,” are the most hilarious bromance to happen. I was laughing when Cody started making assumptions that Zrankie were going to make out. But I think it’s great that two people who have common interests can bond platonically. The quick montage of Zrankie was great, definitely two guys “bro-ing” out. Poor Cody, he should just tell Brittany he has a crush on her.

Nominations & Battle of the Block

It was no surprise that Brittany was nominated after the drama that ensued from the house meeting and Devin playing an emotional game. Paola is looking to be a very easy pawn to continually be put up and the excuse being she’s a weak player. Which may be true but Paola wanting to prove herself really needs to step up her game. Amber’s nominations were great but her speech for why they were nominated was poor because she loves everyone and so she decided to nominate one of each gender.

Devin immediately goes into defense mode and tries to reassure Hayden and Nicole that they’re not the targets. Devin also promises them that Paola would throw the competition, before even speaking to her. I was surprised how quickly Paola would go for Devin’s proposal. I would have hoped Paola would have thought ahead in the game. However she was playing in the moment.

Our Michigander Nicole wasn’t going to let Devin control her game and hope Paola would throw the comp. The Rager from the HOH competitions was the setting for the BOTB competition. Apparently the houseguests had a wild time and couldn’t remember what happened the night before and during the BOTB competition photos were the clues to win to see what happen that night. In the end it was Hayden & Nicole who were victorious. Paola wasn’t trying to throw the competition, however some of her competition skills were lacking and ultimately kept herself and Brittany on the block. Which meant Amber was dethroned and Devin was kept as HOH.

Prediction for POV

I hope Brittany will win POV and get herself off the block. The replacement nominee should be Jocasta because as Caleb said, “she’s the biggest floater in the house,” and I would agree. Or even Victoria too. Now a smart move for Devin would be to target one of his own team members to replace if the POV is used. But we might just see Devin now want to have “blood on his hands.”

Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to find out who wins POV and who will be joining Donnie as members of Team America.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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