By: Evan Jankens

When you win a stage of the Tour de France you get a nifty yellow jacket that you get to wear for the next race or until you are knocked off.

I always thought Lance Armstrong just naturally wore the yellow jersey as his uniform but that’s how naive I am about the Tour. Lance had just won that much.

Vicenzo Nibali won a stage over the weekend, got the yellow jacket. Two lovely ladies were by his side as he was presented with it.

Nibali was feeling great, got the kiss on the cheek from the girl on his right — but when attempting to kiss the girl to his left, she pulled a Lee Corso, “not so fast my friend!” Nibali was denied and didn’t get the kiss.

Just because you won the race doesn’t mean you just get to kiss anyone and everyone you want. Let’s be honest we have all been there before.


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