OAKLAND COUNTY (WWJ) Dog owners in Oakland County whose pets aren’t licensed could be in for a ‘ruff’ time — including being taken to court.

Officials canvassed one Farmington neighborhood this week and passed out notices to owners of unlicensed dogs. The notices said if pets were not licensed within three business days, “an officer will be dispatched to your residence, resulting in a citation being issued which will require your appearance in court.”

Another community, Royal Oak, did a dog census last year that boosted dog licensing compliance by 360 percent.

Oakland County dog licenses cost $7.50 per year for a spayed or neutered dog and $15 for unaltered dogs. All licenses that include a late fee go up to $30.

To get a license, you have to show proof the dog has received a rabies vaccination. All dogs over four months old must be licensed by law.

Nita Bowes of Farmington said her city uses the money for a good cause; she said they just put out litter boxes, and poop bags with revenue from the licenses.

Lynne Sheridan of Farmington Hills likes the idea of a license crackdown — she’d like to see fewer stray dogs running the streets.

“It’s crazy, I mean, they’ve got to watch the dogs, there are so many running loose,” she said.

On the other side, Pete Patowski of Farmington admits his small dog is unlicensed

And he just bit him.

“He goes after little creatures in the ground, he pulls, and … ” he told WWJ’s Charlie Langton.

Thankfully, the dog only bit his owner because when a dog bites a stranger, it sometimes require a different kind of visit to the courthouse. And then a license is the least of your worries.




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