By Edward Cardenas

DEARBORN (CBS Detroit) – A 26-year-old woman whom Santa Cruz police described as a high-priced prostitute has been charged in the death of Google executive from Dearborn after injecting him with a lethal amount of heroin and leaving him to die.

Police allege Alix Tichleman had an ongoing prostitution relationship with Forrest Hayes leading up to the fatal meeting Nov. 23 on the Michigan-native’s 50-foot yacht, Escape, at the Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

Police were called to investigate “suspicious” circumstances of the death of the 51-year-old man and began collecting evidence which led to identification of Tichleman as a suspect. Investigators determined she met her clients through the “Seeking Arrangements” Website and had more than 200 clients.

Texts messages and emails placed Tichleman with Hayes on the night of his death. The investigation showed Tichleman injected Hayes with heroin during her visit, which led to an overdose.

Security video from the yacht shows Hayes suffering “medical complications and going unconscious,” police stated. Instead of providing first aid, or calling 911, Tichleman collected her belongings – including  the heroin and needles – while stepping over the victim’s body.

She also stepped over Hayes’ body to finish a glass of wine, police reporter. Before she left the boat, she lowered a blind to conceal the body.

Detectives learned of another case with similar circumstances, and tracked Tichleman’s activity. Worried that she may leave the area, detectives posed as a potential client and set up a meeting with an agreed price in excess of $1,000.

Police arrested her when she arrived at the “upscale” location on July 4.

Alix Tichleman was arrested July 4 and was charged Wednesday on charges of manslaughter, manslaughter, heroin possession, administering heroin, transport of a controlled substance and destruction of evidence, according to media reports.

She did not enter a plea and was appointed a public defender. She is being held on $1.5 million bail, according to CBS News.


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