How nerve-wracking was that HOH competition last night? I was really cheering for certain houseguests and surprised at how some of the other houseguests used their opportunity as well. “But first,” as Julie Chen would say, we need to remember that Wednesday’s episode sort of left us with a cliff hanger leading up to last night’s eviction. Words were said and tempers flared. It was clear that even though Devin was HOH, the voting houseguests were in control in seeing whether Paola or Zach went home this week.

Paola & Zach Target Devin

It was clear that Brittany was hurt by Paola’s actions during the BOTB competition and wanted to air that out with the houseguests. What is up with this house wanting to air confessions so early in the game with everyone in the house? More than half of them won’t make it to jury and so it’s a bit surprising how much these houseguests like “House Meetings.” It was amusing to hear Donnie excited being “front row” of the arguments that ensued after the POV ceremony. Even though I may not like the game Devin is playing, he made a point to make himself a target. He tried really hard to play the game, but Devin is falling flat.

It was smart for both Paola and Zach to announce that they both will go after Devin. I thoroughly enjoyed the argument between Paola and Zach. Poor Paola, her arguments for staying in the house over Zach weren’t really working. Zach was definitely on the attack but being very aggressive could have hindered his chances of staying in the house. So it looks like Zrankie may be kaput after that post-POV ceremony meeting. Frankie made it clear to Zach that being thrown “under the bus” hurt him and doesn’t feel like he can trust him anymore. Now Frankie being called out wasn’t a lie because Frankie is definitely playing both sides. Zach was hoping Frankie being a good friend and showmance with would have his back. It was interesting to see Team America Alliance talk and hash out whom they were voting for. I was happy to see this because it showed that Derrick is definitely playing the game, Donnie is playing his own game and Frankie is floating along in this game.

While the argument was going on between Paola and Zach, Devin was doing some math in making sure Zach was going home. We then see Hayden getting threatened into joining the Bomb Squad and take Zach’s place. Hayden could have played it better by deflecting an answer but was smart to eventually go along with it. Hayden can definitely use this to his advantage as well as to his true alliance with Christine, who’s already a member of the Bomb Squad and Nicole, his show crush. But getting closer to voting time, Frankie tells Devin that Zach will be staying in the house. Frankie is definitely making game moves but not the best one’s in my opinion. As Julie announced the votes, it was 10-2 for Paola the 27-year-old DJ/Gamer from Astoria, NY to go home. Donnie’s final words to Paola were very touching and it was clear how much Donnie had touch Paola in the game.

New HOHs Are Crowned & A New Accessory 

For those who don’t have live feeds, before the HOH competition last night, the houseguests had the opportunity to practice with the crotchet ball and mallet unaware of what the competition would be. I was not surprised at how well Cody, Amber, Caleb, and Frankie. But it was Derrick and Nicole who surprised me in winning the competition. I would have liked for Zach to win, but he just didn’t have a good hit on the ball when he went up. Now Julie had announced after the competition that the houseguests got a new accessory that would track their daily activity and tell us whether our favorite houseguest were active or lazy in the game. Also the new accessory would play a part in the game later in the season. Here’s hoping we’ll see some punishments and some crazy challenges for the houseguests.

Ranking of the Houseguests

  1. Derrick – Convinced houseguests to keep Zach in the house and came second in the HOH competition. He’s continues to use his abilities as an undercover cop and knowledge of the game well.
  2. Nicole – Surprise finish in the HOH competition by getting the highest score.
  3. Zach – Wasn’t voted out this week and looks to be safe next week. Hopefully he’ll lay low and not make himself a target.
  4. Donnie – Everyone likes Donnie and have yet to think of him as a target. Will make jury for sure.
  5. Hayden – Continues to prove he’s a competitor and should be safe next week.
  6. Cody – Playing a good social game but hasn’t won a HOH or POV competition.
  7. Caleb – Could possibly be in trouble next week and is clearly a physical threat in competitions. I do commend him for playing the game and sticking by the people he trust.
  8. Brittany – Did well getting herself off the block, but is definitely not making any game moves or seen as a target.
  9. Christine – Will be safe for this week, but really is playing a safe game.
  10. Amber – Needs to learn to speak her mind with the guys or she’ll be expendable later in the game.
  11. Frankie – He will probably be told he’s a “pawn,” but will also be a target for eviction
  12. Devin – You can expect Devin to be backdoored this week and saying goodbye
  13. Victoria – Being quiet can help you in the game but also can be forgotten by the viewers. It was funny that Julie called her out for “laying low.”
  14. Jocasta – I wonder if she realizes that she’s playing Big Brother.

Prediction for Nominations & BOTB

I predict Derrick will nominate Victoria & Jocasta because they haven’t done anything in the game and floaters need to get out of the house. Nicole will nominate Frankie & Amber because both have played the game strong at the start and haven’t really made a connection with Nicole. I think my predictions could go for either HOH and so I won’t be surprised if it’s vice versa. Either way the plan should be to backdoor Devin but I wouldn’t be surprised if they also thought about backdooring Caleb. Getting out the physically strong competitors early in the game will be smart for both of them. But as most houseguests like to say, “I don’t want to get blood on my hands,” which might happen. I see Nicole getting dethroned as HOH leaving Derrick as the HOH for the week. I will be happy either way as long as a strong player goes home next week. But let’s cheer on our Ubly, Michigander to victory this week.

Tune in Sunday 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see if my prediction turn out, which houseguests will be nominated, then see which two will save themselves from eviction during BOTB and whether Derrick or Nicole get dethroned.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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