DETROIT (CBS Detroit) On the heels of a record-breaking cold, snowy miserable winter for metro Detroiters, there has been rejoicing over the summertime glimpses of sun and sky.

But it’s Michigan, so don’t get comfortable with the weather. You waited a minute, now it will change.

And apparently something nasty is brewing in the atmosphere. Get ready for the summer version of the polar vortex.

A strange weather pattern is taking shape for next week, with forecasters saying metro Detroit could see highs only in the 60s, while the thermometer in the Upper Peninsula might be stuck in the 50s.

That’s 15 to 20 degrees below normal for Tuesday and Wednesday. Why, God, why? Meteorologists say Typhoon Neoguri is partly to blame because it set off a series of events that will wreak havoc on the jet stream and alter weather patterns across the entire Northern Hemisphere.

“Last winter just isn’t going to let up on us,”  CBS 62 meteorologist Jim Madaus said, laughing. “The weather just does what it wants to do.”

In this case, the upper flow of the jet stream has taken an unusual turn, it’s gone up into the Arctic Circle and is dragging down unseasonably cold air, Madaus said.

“Fortunately, it won’t last long, but unfortunately, it will happen,” Madaus said. “It’s a huge dip, it looks really strange for this time of year, it’s something you would see in the winter. I’m a little shocked, it’s the kind of flow from the far north that you do see in the winter.”

Until then, enjoy the weekend — the weather promises to be pretty good. Get your complete forecast HERE.




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