DETROIT (WWJ) — WXYZ meteorologist Dave Rexroth will now have to learn to live with a physical challenge.

The weatherman seriously injured himself in a fireworks accident at his family’s farm in Iowa over the 4th of July weekend that left him with one eye. Rexroth told Channel 7 that he is concerned about how his recovery will affect his family.

“I’m going to be, more or less, okay,” Rexroth said. “The hardest part for me to turn the corner on so far has been the guilt that I have, having put my family through what I’ve put them through so far and I know that there’s so much more of that to come in terms of what I can do and what I can’t do and how it affects them.”

Rexroth said he didn’t take the necessary precautions with a one of the fireworks he was attempting to light.

“I did everything that they tell you not to do with fireworks, in terms of whether things work or not,” Rexroth said. “Before I knew really what was going on I was in shock, the adrenaline had taken over my body and I was, unfortunately, calling for my oldest son who was close to me and begging for help.”

Rexroth is expected to return to the station in September.

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