Our Michigander, Nicole from Ubly won HOH along with the undercover cop Derrick. Devin clearly knows he’s the target and tried to do his best to rally new alliance members by calling out his old alliance, the Bomb Squad. And who knew Donnie would be a snitch! Last night’s episode featured some magic, Caleb continuing to show his affection for Amber and airtime for Jocasta. Even though Nicole may have not wanted to be HOH, it was nice to see our Michigander in power.

Derrick & Nicole’s Game Plan

Derrick is playing a game great! He’s definitely a super fan and has been doing his studying. I liked how he wanted to work with Nicole to ensure the plan to backdoor Devin would work. However they had to decide to whom to nominate, which wasn’t and easy feat. Both Nicole and Derrick wanted to make sure they didn’t have “blood on their hands,” as well as not pissing too many other houseguests off with nominations.

I was happy that both Victoria and Jocasta’s names were thrown into the hat for possible nominations. Both ladies have been coasting through this game and are the definition of a “floater,” in the Big Brother game. What surprised me was when Donnie after talking with Nicole about nominations goes to Brittany and Jocasta and tells them about part of what Nicole & Derrick’s plans were for evictions. Knowing that the Big Brother house has little privacy, word got back to Nicole and Derrick. I was laughing when they wanted to use Paola as a sacrificial nominee, but she’s already gone from the game now.

I commend Nicole for going with her gut and nominating Donnie. She even had remorse about the nomination. Donnie is playing the game and easily convinced Nicole she didn’t tell him to not tell the other houseguests about the plans. Plus Nicole gave her blessing to be dethroned by Donnie. Dan Gheesling said it best on twitter about him, “(@DanGheesling) Week 3: Donnie already has America’s Vote & the Jury locked up if he makes it that far. #BB16″ Donnie is clearly a fan favorite and a houseguest favorite. I’m even a fan now after my hesitations. He may be the oldest contestant this season, but he’s showing some great game moves.

A Cowboy’s risk

Derrick played his nominations very well, deliberately saying Caleb volunteered to be nominated. A smug Devin knew he was getting backdoored. But what’s even crazier is Caleb going along with it in the first place. I think he forgot he’s a physical threat and could only think about saving his “Queen,” Amber from being evicted. This “Cowboy Risk,” has a huge fail/success rate. I commend Caleb for wanting to do this but he may go from “pawn” to “evicted,” if the cards play out differently.

I find it interesting that Amber has yet to thank Caleb or even tell him “She’s not into him.” What’s worse is Caleb doing all this effort and getting little in return. But at least we see the cowboy being a gentleman and a crazy one at that. While this non-existing showmance is happening, I’m wondering when Nicole and Hayden will make it “Offish,” with their flirt/showmance going on. Now that Zach is safe will we see a rekindling of Zrankie. Also is there another showmance we have yet to see?

Team America starts a rumor

While Frankie tries to fend off saying who his family is; Team America had their first mission to complete, get three other houseguests to spread a rumor about a houseguest being related to a former contestant in the house. So they decided on Zach, being from South Florida, to become related to Amanda Zuckerman, from last season. This isn’t far from stretch the truth but wouldn’t have it been crazier to have said Zach was related to Dan Gheesling? But the better question is will this mission get completed. I predict so, but not without any hesitations. I have hope that Derrick, Donnie and Frankie can complete this task. Hopefully Caleb, Amber and Victoria will fall for it. Or will the house suspect an “America’s player,” in the midst? We’ll just have to wait and see!

A Magical BOB Competition

The Battle of the Block (BOB) competition was an interesting theme but a familiar premise. Caleb wasn’t really throwing the competition that more as just going really slow. I was impressed by the communication that Donnie and Amber had during that competition. It looked at some times Jocasta and Caleb were in the lead. But in the end it was Donnie and Amber who were victorious. Then as a surprise to the episode, Nicole being dethroned was cast a spell and “disappeared.” Not to give too much spoiler, Nicole will be back and she’ll be almost her normal self.

Prediction for POV

With the POV competitor it will be important for Devin to be selected if he wants to save himself from being backdoored. It will be crucial for Derrick to win POV to finish his backdoor plan on Devin or for either nominee to win and take him or herself off the block. But the best chance to get Devin out would be for Caleb to win. However if Jocasta gets saved it leaves a huge decision on the houseguest in deciding whether Caleb or Devin should go home. Evicting Devin would be getting rid of an annoyance and a physical competitor. But the same could be said about Caleb as well. So this POV completion will be a good one to watch.

Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see who wins the POV, if Team America completes their mission and what happened with our Michigander Nicole!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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