BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP (WWJ) — A debate continues in Bloomfield Township neighborhood over whether or not homeowners will leave their septic systems behind and tap into the Detroit Water and Sewer system.

Bill McMaster, one of the residents of the Upper Long Lake Estates subdivision, said that he is opposed to such a move.

“They’ve been threatening us with that and doing the engineering and going ahead as though they can for a year now,” McMaster said.

McMaster contends that the current septic systems in use throughout the area are fine and any conversion to a public system isn’t needed.

“There is not only no need for it, it would cost us $30,000 each in order to convert from the septic system to Detroit City Water,” McMaster added. “We are concerned that we are entering into an unlimited assessment on the part of the Detroit bankruptcy court.”

There is a meeting scheduled to discuss the topic on Monday night, while the township maintains that there is a need for the city’s sewer system and that the $30,000 assessment can be spread over 20 years.

Bloomfield Township Supervisor Leo Savoie said that no one is being forced to do anything, at least, not yet.

“It became apparent that the entire neighborhood was not interested in connecting to the sewer system,” Savoie said. “But, there were a number of homes on one particular street — Long Pointe — that were interested.”

Savoie said when their septic systems eventually do fail, homeowners will be required at that time to convert to a public water system.

“Nobody is required to hook up to the sewer system until their septic system is failed,” Savoie said.


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