Donnie is riding a very thin line in this Big Brother game because he’s a competitor but also making himself known as a floater. The two just doesn’t make any sense. How can you be a floater and win three competitions already in three weeks?!?! Either way Donnie may be a floater, a Team America Alliance member, and a competitor, but he’s just a Groundskeeper from North Carolina and Big Brother Super Fan. On a different note can I just point out Jocasta’s ugly cry moment? And then we see Cody try to cheer Jocasta up with a little dance. Definitely made for some great moments from last night’s episode. By the end of this episode we see Donnie help a friend in need!

Nicole the Frog

When we last saw Nicole, she had disappeared from the BOB competition. When the houseguests returned back into the house, a green frog suited friend greeted them and it was none other than Nicole getting her punishment for being dethroned as HOH. It’s no unitard, or clownitard or banana suit, but it’s something entertaining to see. Hayden of course had to make a quick “pick up line” with the frog suit with Nicole. I wonder when Julie will ask both Hayden and Nicole, whether this flirtmance will during into a showmance. So with Nicole being dethroned it left Derrick as the sole HOH for the week and his plan in getting Devin backdoored was slowing coming together.

Caleb’s Death Stare to Cody

I think Caleb is a good guy, but his head is not in the game any more. He’s only thinking about how he saved Amber this week and is putting his own chance of a half million dollars on the line by being nominated for eviction. Throwing the competition shows how blind Caleb is in this game, it was clear that Cody could see an opportunity to evict Caleb, if the backdoor plan doesn’t work. However it would be smart for Amber to capitalize on Caleb’s willingness to throw the competition for her. Amber could really benefit by teaming up with Caleb, however it’s clear Amber doesn’t want to send the wrong message to Caleb, but Caleb isn’t getting the hint that Amber isn’t into him. While Amber has made a friendship with Cody, it’s quite funny how they show Caleb starting down the hallway when Amber and Cody are having a conversation in the living room. I’m surprised this wannabe Brigade (Cody, Caleb, Derrick & Zach) are not trying to all stick together, but it’s no surprise when you have alpha males in an alliance, heads are bound to butt. Derrick tries to get Caleb’s head back in the game.

Team America Completes Their Task

Well the grapevine can travel fast in the Big Brother House. Team America successfully completed their task and even had the person they pinned the rumor on, Zach to blab the rumor to the rest of the houseguests. I wonder if we’ll get a surprise visit from Amanda during this season to get her thoughts on the rumor or even play along with it, if she makes an appearance in the Big Brother house. No surprise that when Nicole heard the rumor, she would tell Christine and Caleb doing the same and telling Amber. It was really smart for Derrick and Donnie to tell Zach because Zach likes to talk and blab things out. I wonder if the houseguests might think Zach has an unfair advantage or maybe even Donnie being a saboteur. Either way Team America completed their task and all three have won $5,000. Now they have a new mission and we’ll see whether


It’s surprising how naive Donnie is in the Big Brother house but also how much of a competitor he can be. If Donnie feels like he’s out of the loop, he should get himself in the loop. Not telling Derrick whether or not he would use the veto if he wins is a risk because it starts to create a target on his back. But I have to give Donnie credit by continually playing this game for himself. He’s not aligning with people he doesn’t want to be aligned with and all of his decisions are being made for the sake of his own game, which I applaud him for. Donnie however can be a fool if he doesn’t start aligning himself with people.

It was clear during the POV competition it was the house vs Devin. Due to an illness Jocasta was not able to compete in the competition, so for this week’s POV it was only five people competing. Christine, Derrick and Donnie each choose Devin to compete against. It was looking like Devin was dominating this competition until his former ally Donnie challenged Devin in the competition. Donnie was victorious then faced off with Caleb and finally defeating him as well making him the winner of POV. With Donnie wining this POV it puts his total wins for competition to three. Hopefully the other houseguests start to remember who are winning competitions because eventually it will come back in another competition in the form of a memory challenge.

After winning the POV, Donnie then tells Jocasta who was still in bed, that he would be using the POV on her. An ill Jocasta was brought to tears and was very thankful. In the moment it was a touching moment, but analyzing Donnie’s strategy it gives him another ally and keeps another floater in the house. So it may have seemed to be a touching moment, but it’s also a sympathy vote for Donnie as well as a way to keep Derrick’s backdoor plan to happen. Devin was the replacement nominee to no one’s surprise and it will be interesting to see now Devin in the next episode if he’ll campaign to stay, go out with a bang, or admit defeat.

Prediction for Eviction & HOH

This week’s eviction will either be a boring eviction with a unanimous vote or a close to call vote. Both Devin and Caleb are physical threats for competition. So either one going home because of that helps the rest of the house. However most of the houseguests are annoyed with Devin and would like to see him go. But if he were to stay that could make for some of the houseguests worried for their safety. Caleb staying ensures Derrick’s choice to send home and the house getting rid of annoyance gone. But keeping Devin could benefit some houseguests (aka Floaters) because it’ll keep the target away from them and Devin could possibly be the next HOH for upcoming if he survives eviction. So it’s really a tough decision. However I believe the vote will be 7-4 vote with Devin going home.

For the HOH Competition, I think we’ll be up for an endurance challenge, which will pit the houseguests against each other, and we won’t find out at the end of tomorrow night’s Live Eviction episode. So if it is an endurance competition I predict Frankie and Donnie to win. To see who’s evicted tune to CBS Detroit 62 at 9pm and watch whether Devin or Caleb get evicted.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email

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