DETROIT (WWJ) – The president of Marygrove College says he’s prepared to shelter and educate child immigrants from Central America — but Dr. David Fike says first President Obama has to stop deportation actions against those seeking help.

“We’re calling on President Obama to recognize these women and children as refugees,” said Fike.

He tells WWJ’s Marie Osborne that the school is ready to shelter the refugees for 16-24 years but the offer is predicated on President Obama stopping deportations.

“I’m incredibly frustrated by the lack of moral leadership on an issue that literally screams for moral leadership. The surge in unaccompanied minors at the boarders is fundamentally a refugee situation, the Obama administration needs to call it that.”

Fike says that denying refugee status to these women and children is diminishing their humanity.

He calls some of the protests of the refugees ‘ugly.’

“It’s so obvious what’s going on – it’s the same thing that white segregation was used to deny the rights of African Americans in this country for decades,” Fike said.

When asked if those crossing the border would strain an already weakened US economy – Fike said that this country is not broke.

“We are the wealthiest country on this planet.”

Marygrove College would be the first college in the country to commit resources to educate the refugees. It would provide scholarships to college-ready refugees to attend the school.


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