After three weeks, it’s starting to get clearer as to who’s playing this game, who needs to start playing and for some why are they still in the house? Robin Kass, the casting director for Big Brother, said it best about Devin Shepard, the 26 year-old former professional baseball player turned Motorcycle Sales Manager on his departure via Twitter,

Devin may have played an aggressive game, but he left the game with his head held up high and reflective of his time in the house. I really enjoyed Devin’s reaction to Julie’s admittance of Donnie actually being a groundskeeper. The goodbye messages were awkward but not as awkward as all the Victoria segments they decided to throw into tonight’s episode. Devin’s departure was no surprise and so here’s what happened last night.

Caleb’s Possible Departure

Even though Devin has been the target for this week, Caleb’s volunteering to be evicted was possible affecting his game. Caleb’s blindness to his undying affection towards Amber was taking a toll on the other houseguests, especially with Cody, who’s grown, a friendship with Amber. I predict in the upcoming weeks if/when Caleb is evicted there may actually be a showmance with Amber and Cody. Though Cody also would love to have a showmance with Brittany too. For right now Amber and Cody are “just friends,” and Cody is creeped out by Caleb’s obsession with Amber.

It’s pretty obvious that Cody was going to spearhead a possible change of votes to get Caleb evicted. For Derrick, reigning HOH, it was a win-win for him either way because it makes himself less of a target towards other houseguests. Which I have said before that both Caleb & Devin are physical threats in the competition, but ultimately it was Devin who was sent packing. I am surprised none of these houseguests wanted to be bold enough to vote Caleb out and not just follow the heard.

Trip to Visit Donnie’s Family

I enjoyed the segment where Big Brother Alum Jeff Schroder went to visit Donnie’s family in North Carolina. It comes as no surprise that Donnie’s folks aren’t a fan of the show but they are proud of their son. Donnie’s brother is his biggest fan and I agree with his family that after Donnie’s experience in the Big Brother house, he’ll go back being a groundskeeper. It’s clear that Donnie’s main focus for coming to the Big Brother house was to play the game and hopefully with the half million dollars. I was laughing when we saw a segment of Jeff going through Donnie’s daily routine outside of the house.

My Ranking of the Houseguests

  1. Derrick – Even though his reign ended today, he’s still playing a smart game. He will make jury, but time will tell if he will make it to the finals
  2. Donnie – Everyone’s buddy and isn’t going to go anywhere.
  3. Cody – May have been playing a low-key game, his social game is what’s keeping him be under the radar. Everyone befriends him but eventually he’ll need to start making moves.
  4. Zach – Being a part of an alliance with Derrick and Cody it’s pretty clear he’s safe but saying he’s Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin may come back to haunt him.
  5. Hayden – Has a great social game and isn’t seen as a threat yet to the other houseguests.
  6. Frankie – He’s playing all sides of the house. I wonder when he’ll actually stop playing both sides and choose one side to be on.
  7. Nicole – Was dethroned but isn’t on anyone’s radar as a threat. But our Michigander Nicole needs to make a move to show she’s a competitor in this game.
  8. Christine – Like Nicole, playing a low-key game. However she has yet to win any competition and has been safe with her allies.
  9. Caleb – Though he was saved this week and he may be aligned with some houseguests, but he’s a physical threat in this competition. So Caleb may be the next backdoor houseguest eviction.
  10. Amber – Making little effort to play the game, she’s very social but lacks game talk and strategy.
  11. Brittany – Gave a heart to Devin? Was there a possible showmance? I hope she’s enjoying her life vest – Floater.
  12. Victoria – Hayden said it best, “what’s her name? No, really what’s her name?”
  13. Jocasta – Will need more than a prayer to move up in my rankings. She needs to stop floating through this game and do something.

Prediction for HOHs & Nominations

There was a familiar HOH competition for the houseguests and fans of the show this week. However with the twist for this season making it a duo competition. The pairings could have been better but it’s pretty clear that some teams will fair better than others. I predict Frankie & Cody winning this competition. I would be excited to find out if Donnie & Hayden win and there is no way Christine & Victoria or Jocasta & Brittany winning this competition. I am upset that America decided for Team America Alliance’s next mission to target a physical threat. It will be obvious the target is Caleb or it might be Hayden they target, but when it comes to a physical threat it will be a male they target and not a female. The floaters, who are majority female, will be safe this week. But I predict floaters being nominated with a backdoor plan to put Caleb up on the block.

Tune in Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to find out which duo won the HOH competition then see whom they nominated for eviction and who gets dethroned as HOH during BOB!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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