By Sandra McNeill

WARREN (WWJ) – Don’t have air conditioning on this hot day? Here’s how you can make your own.

“It’s just a fan on top of a bucket blowing on some frozen bottles,” explained Daniel Fabrizio of Warren, who made his own mini air conditioner as a matter of necessity. “The warm air blows across the frozen two liters and cold air blows out the side.”

Fabrizio, who likes to tinker, took to YouTube to solve a dilemma: How to keep his three young children cool in their bedroom in the upstairs bungalow he and his wife are renting.

Fabrizio didn’t want to buy central air for a home he doesn’t own, and not all the windows are able to accommodate an air conditioning unit. What he found was pretty simple.

Fabrizio used items he already had around his home: “A five gallon bucket, I have a lid for it, and a couple of frozen bottles of water.”

He fills two empty two-liter bottles with water and places them in the freezer until they turn to ice. “I cut a hole through the lid [of the bucket] to match the size fan that I have and a couple of portholes through the side….The warm air blows across the frozen two liters and cold air blows out the side.”

But can it really cool down a room? Fabrizio says it can bring the air temperature down a good five to ten degrees.

“We’ve got the upstairs bungalow style house here and it will cool that room down comfortably, especially throughout the night-time.”

That, he jokes, is enough to keep from waking up in the morning with his children’s feet in his face.


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