With the POV competition looming, Brittany and Victoria started to feel as if they were alone in this game and thought they would forever be the pawn unless choose. Caleb’s obsession with Amber continues to show. Cody can’t stand Caleb’s obsession and Caleb can’t stand Cody’s budding friendship with Amber. Meanwhile punishments and rewards were given during the POV. Alliances were challenged, friendships were torn and ridiculous punishments were given out. Here’s what happened last night!

Caleb’s jealousy with Cody

So it’s clear to see Cody and Amber are becoming very close. However for Caleb, he doesn’t feel as though Amber has properly thanked him. Caleb’s one track mind clearly forgot he’s playing a game and that he should only be looking out for himself. With Caleb’s obsession with Amber, Cody contemplates whether or not to put Caleb up as a replacement nominee if the time comes. Zach’s commentary on Caleb’s situation was hilarious. Caleb clearly doesn’t know as Zach, Amber and everyone else has said in the house in the diary room that, “She’s not into you.” Zach also said it best, “there are plenty fish in the sea,” but for Caleb it’s on Amber.

Victoria wins POV?!?

Who would have thought Victoria would win the POV. The competition was simple hit the ball using a contraption into goals. Surprising houseguest’s choice Brittany chose Caleb to compete in the POV along side Brittany, Victoria, Cody, Zach and Nicole. Another surprise was Cody being the first eliminated from the completion. One would imagine that since Cody was a former professional soccer player he would have an advantage but the odds were not in his favor. But as a punishment for being knocked out first he was able to win the POV, but soon lost that and was award a penalty where he would have to kick himself with a machine that would kick his but 10 times when told to in a 24 hour span. Another punishment was for Brittany to kick 2,400 goals in 24 hours, with the threat of not being able to compete in the next POV next week if she didn’t complete the task. A funny moment during the completion was when Zach was eliminated he won a German trip and basically made an on air proposition with ladies of America. But Frankie of course wanted to be Zach’s plus one but also Caleb, however Frankie would trump Caleb. In the end it was down to Victoria and Caleb for first place. Caleb won the competition, however the first place prize was a Germitard. Instead of taking the POV from Victoria, Caleb decides to take the money instead leaving Nicole with the Germitard. Leaving Victoria the winner of the POV, who was initially the target and now off the block.

Alliances challenged

With Caleb deciding not to take the POV away from Victoria, it left Cody in a predicament. Having to decide whom the replacement nominee should be. Cody wanted to put Caleb up as the replacement and to send home, but for some of his alliance members they wanted to ensure Brittany was going home this week. Frankie and Derrick pushed for Donny to be the replacement nominee, guaranteeing Brittany would go home since everyone loved Donny. However when Cody had a talk with Donny to let him know of his possible nomination, Donny made his case as to why Caleb should go up rather than himself. I give a lot of credit to Donny for making a valiant effort but Derrick pushed for Donny and in the end Donny was put on the block.

Prediction for Eviction & HOHs

I predict the house being set to evict Brittany 10-0. However I would be surprised if there were talks to vote Donny out either, but I just can’t see that happening right now. Also I don’t think Brittany would want to scheme to get a friend like Donny out of the game before her. For the next HOHs, I hope Hayden & Nicole will win. I would like to see the Detonator alliance get nominated. Those in the alliance have been feeling pretty safe and they need to be put on the block to get shaken up. Derrick, Zach, Frankie, Cody and Christine shouldn’t feel too safe next week. The numbers are starting to dwindle and it will only be a matter of time before they are nominated! But I wouldn’t be surprised if Zach and Derrick win HOHs this upcoming week.

Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see whether Brittany or Donnie are evicted. Also Julie will have to eventually announce a double eviction week, which I look forward to because I want to see how they cram a whole week into one episode and all those competitions too! In keeping with formatting from previous years, a double eviction is coming up soon!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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