Such an emotional night on last night’s live episode of Big Brother. There was a reunion, mourning a loss and a showmance in full bloom. However even with the emotions the Big Brother game doesn’t stop. Brittany the 29 year-old Event Coordinator and single mom from Long Beach, CA was sent home to an unsurprising unanimous vote. It was also revealed who the laziest competitors were from the activity trackers the houseguests were wearing. By the end of the episode it seems like the Detonators alliance is still in control of the house.

Houseguests in Tears

After the POV ceremony it was clear that Cody had a rough time having to put up Donnie, after promising him safety. I am impressed how quickly Donnie is to perception of the house, theorizing Derrick being the “Kingpin” in Cody’s ear. I loved how Donnie was playing the game to get more information from Cody and knew from being a Big Brother fan that pawns can go home. Luckily for him, his time in the Big Brother house isn’t up and the other houseguests voted to send Brittany home. Caleb made an interesting plea for Brittany during the week but it was a little too late.

… it was very sad to hear about Frankie’s grandfather passing away. However in the face of adversity the houseguests came together and were a support for Frankie. To play devil’s advocate, it feels as though this couldn’t have come at a better time to happen in the game for Frankie. With the possibility of next week the Detonators not in control of the house, hearing the news of a loss, would give Frankie sympathy from houseguests and give him safety for another week. So sad news can be good news to game players.

But death is never planned and cancer is disease that nobody wants to get. Frankie wasn’t thinking game clearly and had the unfortunate situation happen. Frankie is remembering the great times he had with his grandfather and sharing those memories with the houseguests. It was good to see even Julie, send her condolences to Frankie during the episode.

Showmance Sealed With A Kiss

Ubly made a special appearance on last night’s episode. The small village in Michigan was cheering on “Coconuts,” Nicole. One of the funniest moments from the segment was when they interviewed Nicole’s cousins about how they felt about Hayden. It’s always great to see the support of friends and family of the houseguests. It reminds us that they’re just like anyone else, with families and friends but having to be locked up in a house to win some cash. Will this showmance hurt Nicole’s game? Will we see Hayden take Nicole on a date in the house? Will the other houseguests feel threatened with this showmance? Only time will tell.

Battle for HOH

I was asking the same question during this competition. It would have been a great moment for Frankie to hear his sister but also for the houseguest try and figure out was singing the songs. It was clear from the very beginning that the Detonators would be controlling how the competition would go down. After Christine went first and won against Hayden, she was able to have Donnie and Jocasta go next, ensuring both wouldn’t have a chance to continue moving forward. I was impressed by Donnie’s quick thinking in this competition. But it was clear to see the Detonators working together and I hope the other houseguests took notice. It was a noble thing of Derrick to let Frankie win the HOH this week so he could see pictures of his grandfather and get another letter from home. While Zach became the second HOH for the week after defeating Christine in the final round of the competition. So once again the Detonators were in control of the house for another week.

My Ranking of the Houseguests

  1. Derrick – The “Kingpin,” as Donnie dubbed him is playing a good game. Although I hope to see Derrick get nominated soon, to feel the pressure and to see him have to work to stay in the game. But his social game has been great. He’s definitely continuing to use his undercover cop techniques on the houseguests.
  2. Frankie – Claiming his third HOH victory, he’s proving to be a strong competitor in this game. I wonder if this will be the week to see him not be dethroned. Either way he’s safe and I can’t wait to see how he’ll react to the next task Team America has to do.
  3. Donnie – If this guy doesn’t win if he’s in the final two then he made a huge error sometime in the upcoming weeks. For now, Donnie is playing a great game, befriending all and trying to use his social game to advance himself. I also loved his pseudo shout out to “Team America,” during his eviction vote speech.
  4. Zach – Ensured his safety for this upcoming week, but could possibly be put up if Team America decides to use Zach as a puppet. However his social game has been good, but for some houseguests he starting to rub some of them the wrong way. I look forward to seeing what happens this week.
  5. Christine – Proved during this week’s HOH she’s a competitor, loyal to her alliance and wants to win this game. But eventually she’ll have to choose the Detonators or the Nicole & Hayden alliance to move forward with. For right now, she doesn’t have to make the decision just yet.
  6. Hayden – I’m impressed nobody has yet to come after this guy since Amber was HOH. He may be a target this week. Also now that the showmance is “Offish,” will the other houseguests start to feel threatened with him and Nicole? I’m guessing not, unless they both win a HOH together in an upcoming week.
  7. Cody – As the outgoing HOH, seeing his other alliance members win, Cody is sitting pretty safe this upcoming week.
  8. Caleb – I just hope he doesn’t throw his name back in for nominations to say he’ll fight for Amber to stay. However Caleb needs to realize the Bomb Squad alliance is kaput and he needs to think of other people in the house to align with. Caleb is definitely in danger this upcoming week.
  9. Nicole – I want to say Nicole is playing a great game, but sadly isn’t. She’s in a showmance and so hopefully that isn’t clouding her ultimate goal, winning this game. However Nicole has gotten herself of the block before and here’s hoping she’ll do it again this week.
  10. Amber – I wonder if she’ll get close with Zach this time since he and Frankie are HOH this week. Amber’s social game is lacking, but her competition game play is good. Hopefully she won’t have to carry Jocasta’s weight in the BOB to ensure her safety this week.
  11. Jocasta – Even though she’s close with Donnie, she’s the clear pawn for houseguests as HOH to nominate. Hopefully she’s comfortable in the nominations chairs because she’ll be keeping those warm until the Detonators see no more use of her.
  12. Victoria – I don’t know what she was trying to prove when calling Brittany conniving during her eviction vote to Julie. Victoria’s game play is lacking and I hope she knows that I (and hopefully the rest of America) know she’s a floater in this game. I would like to see Victoria go home before jury, but I don’t see that happening unfortunately.

Prediction for Nominations & BOB

Victoria, Jocasta, Nicole & Donnie should just get comfortable being put up for eviction. They’ll keep rotating them until the Detonators see no more use for them and evict them. However I predict the plan is to backdoor Caleb, Hayden or Amber for the upcoming week. With the impending Team America challenge, will we see our first backdoor of a HOH who was dethroned? Hopefully one of my theories is right, but we’ll just have to tune in.

Watch on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see who Frankie & Zach put up for nominations and which one of them gets dethroned.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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