Finally we almost had some chaos in the house again! I was starting to get bored with the season because nothing crazy (other than Devin) was happening in the house. Thankfully with Team America’s mission it was bound to be a challenge to stir some trouble. There are way to many names for these alliances, I’m starting to lose track and some alliances are even getting questioned. We see our first final two deal emerge; I wouldn’t count Frankie and Victoria’s deal on day one to count because of the fact Frankie had immediately nominated that same week. I’m wondering what’s wrong with getting blood on your hands in this game, it’s Big Brother, not game to see who’s the nicest. I digress let me recap what happened last night.

Who Will Zankie Nominate?

It was a clear win for The Detonators yet again for another week. I’m glad Cody recognized that in the finals for the comp were only Detonators. But Donnie isn’t a fool and knows he’s on the outskirts of everyone. Donnie is aware he could potentially be up on he block again along with Jocasta and Victoria, meanwhile the fourth person to be nominated is still up in the air. How awkward was it when Cody & Zach were conversing in the storage room about backdooring Amber and then after a few moments of celebrating, Amber walks into the storage room and accidentally gets hurt by Zach. But it looks pretty obvious that Zankie is wanting to target Amber for this week, due to the fact she wants to get rid of the guys before all the females are eliminated. Funny how this gets brought up again even when Joey, Paola and Brittany all talked about this before their eliminations, so much for El Cuatro or an all female alliance.

Amber Stuck In A Pickle

I have to agree with Caleb, I’m not a fan of pickles either. However I think his mama would say for him to stop being so desperate into being a romantic to Amber. I was laughing when the idea of eating a pickle for a date would peak Caleb’s interest. To eat something he doesn’t like all for a date and for Amber to go through with it both shows how crazy they are. For the record though, Amber is not cocky in this game. The fact that Caleb thinks he’s saving her from the game is a bit ridiculous. Amber wasn’t on anyone’s radar until the Team America mission as well as when she started to spill info to Christine who her target would be. However it became clear when Amber heard she was going to be a target that Christine was not to be trusted.

The Hitmen

We finally see a final two deal that isn’t going to be broken after a week, i.e. Frankie & Victoria and Devin & Donnie. However I’m starting to lose track of all these names for these alliances. Also the Christine, Nicole & Hayden alliance has yet to be named. Anyways, the Hitmen, consisting of Derrick and Cody is very reminiscent of Dan Gheesling & Memphis Garrett from Season 10. The Hitmen are protected under the Detonators but then once it gets closer to only being the Detonators around, Derrick and Cody will make their move or their silent attacks. This final two deal has a lot of potential to go far, so I look forward to how this alliance works out. But who knows maybe Haycole, the showmance of Nicole & Hayden will sneak in and be the final two.

Zach The Villain & Team America As Puppet master

Was it really a surprise for Frankie to see Zach as a villain? Other then Devin, Zach has made it clear he’s hear to play the game and do whatever it takes to win. Zach’s attitude of getting “blood on his hands” is great because we get to see how passionate he is for the game and to see a little mayhem in the house. For Team America’s next mission to play as puppet master, I thought this would be an easy task. Get Zach all fired up to cause chaos on the house. The house thinks he’s nuts and the act that he pulled during the nomination ceremony proves it. His speech for Christine was hilarious and a burn to Jen from season 14 as being described as a floater. But his attack on Nicole, our Ubly Michigander was a little too far, A Fruit Loop Dingus, really? What Team America failed to do in this opportunity was to prepare the people Zach was going to attack and ensue some war of words. However Team America failed and their last shot to get an argument from two people will be during the POV competition.

Nicole & Christine Dethrone Zach

The BOB competition was a pretty simple task, stack some cake layers up and then stand at the top with your partner. Simple right? Well not to Jocasta and Victoria as both lacked to communicate with the other. It was nice to see Jocasta not have a freak out like last week and actually try to compete. She wanted to bring back the old Jocasta, that had won, but the old Jocasta didn’t really win. The old Jocasta relied on Amber to save her and win the BOB competition. It was funny to hear the quips Jocasta had about the lack of communication her and Victoria had. But it was nice to see Jocasta get into the game, try to get Victoria to not be emotional from the nominations and to fight to dethrone Frankie. However it was Christine & Nicole who came out on top, literally to win the BOB competition, dethroning Zach as HOH and leaving Frankie as the soul HOH for the week.

My Prediction for POV

I wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie wins this week’s POV competition. I really don’t see either Jocasta or Victoria winning the POV, unless Caleb competes and decides to go for money instead of the veto, but that was last week. This week, the target is clearly Amber, so if Frankie, Jocasta or Victoria win, I can foresee Amber taking a seat for eviction. However if a non-Detonator member wins the POV then nominations will probably stay the same, unless it’s Donnie. Donnie would save Jocasta; again and then we’d see Amber on the block. But I wonder how Team America will spin this off to play “puppet master,” will they use Zach as a obvious target to blame to get the wrath of Amber or will there be two completely different people to start an argument and fight?

We’ll just have to tune in on Wednesday at 8 pm on CBS 62 to find out who wins the POV, if the POV will get used to save either Jocasta & Victoria and who’ll be up for eviction on Thursday.

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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