Anatomically Correct Baby Boy Doll Raises Eyebrows

By Christy Strawser
DETROIT (CBS Detroit) Move over, Ken. There’s a new doll in town and this one is packing. Circled by a heart on the packaging, parents, aunts and uncles can’t miss what they’re purchasing when they pick out this baby in the toy aisle — He’s an anatomically correct baby boy doll. All parts included.

The packaging also shows a lovingly smiling little girl applying the diaper.

Weird? Buyers don’t think so. The doll has four stars

See the doll HERE on the Toys R’ Us website.

One buyer, a grandmother, wrote on the review: “Looks good. Haven’t opened yet as it will be for a 2 1/2 year old boy to have a baby like the little sister his mom and dad will bring home from the hospital.”

Another asked why the doll requires batteries.

Here’s the manufacturer’s answer: “He needs you! He makes slurping sounds when you help him drink water from his bottle, and he babbles happily when you touch his hands, feet, and  head. When he has a wet diaper, he cries. Change his diaper and he stops crying. ”

Thankfully, he doesn’t look like this vintage doll someone posted on Twitter.

Another asks “how many inches is this doll?” There’s no way to know if they were being a smart Alec, or genuinely wanted to gauge the doll’s size.

Many bloggers have weighed in, saying they don’t have an issue with the new doll. “I mean it’s just a penis,” one wrote for

What do you think? Is this a lesson parents should start early or should all dolls be as anatomically obscure as a Ken doll.


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