Team America had failed to play puppet master and cause an argument at the nomination ceremony. So there only hope was now at the POV ceremony. Caleb is really clueless when it comes to Amber’s feelings since he still thinks there is any chemistry between him and her. Jocasta got a lot more airtime complaining and trying to sound like she was playing the game. Poor Victoria, continuing to play the victim and trying to say she’s a competitor. Both Jocasta and Victoria had something to prove. The POV was their way for redemption and in the end we saw Amber being the replacement nominee. Here’s my recap and breakdown of last night’s episode.

Joy & Tears Post BOB Competition

After the BOB competition, a joyful Nicole & Christine were glad to have dethroned Zach as HOH. Meanwhile Victoria & Jocasta were passing blame on each other for failing to win the BOB competition. Victoria even got a proposition from Hayden, where if she were to pull “Houseguest’s Choice,” to choose him and he’ll use the POV to save her. A suspicious Nicole thought Victoria had feelings for Hayden and we see Nicole being slightly territorial. But Hayden told Nicole of his plan with Victoria. After a week of being in a “Germintard” Nicole did a little strip tease for Hayden. An awkward strip-tease but one nonetheless

There was some unfortunate news for Derrick. His Grandfather, Pepe, had passed away. Adding to the sad news of Frankie’s Grandfather Frank passing away. Derrick said, even though he’s playing a game, life still is going on outside the Big Brother House. Reminding the viewers as well as the houseguests that life is going on even though there is a game being played and watched. My heart goes to both Derrick and Frankie for having to go through such an emotional event while also playing a game. They’re both staying strong and continuing to play the game. The houseguests came together to show their support for both Derrick & Frankie’s grandfather’s passings.

Lack Of A Showmance & A Bromance

I find it amusing to hear Caleb continue to go back and forth with his affections for Amber. It’s sad that he has yet to figure out that Amber is just not into him. However Zach gladly tells Caleb how Amber really feels. Which is something that needed to happen a lot sooner than it did. But with Team America’s mission, it would seem to help them in their favor. With Caleb agreeing to putting Amber up as  “pawn” to scare her a bit. Little do Caleb and Amber know that Amber will be the one Frankie wants to target to go home.

Even though Zach isn’t in power Zach’s bff and bromance Frankie is still in power. The Zankie bromance is still in full swing. I find it amusing that Zach continues to remind the viewers that, “If he were gay, he’d be Frankie’s main squeeze,” while Frankie is just waiting for Zach to make a move. Will that ever happen? I highly doubt it, but this bromance continues to amuse me.

Giddy Up For The POV

Beast mode Cowboy, Caleb should have competed in the POV since it was a Western theme. However it was Hayden, Donnie and Christine that were chosen to compete along with Frankie, Victoria and Jocasta for the POV. The task was fairly simple, gallop 60 times, stack 50 gold bars on a horseshoe with only a 30 second window before having to gallop again. I wonder how much the houseguests hips and thighs were burning after the competition. It seemed to be a tight race between Christine and Hayden in the end. While Jocasta, Victoria and Donnie were nowhere near Christine and Hayden during the competition. Frankie was doing well however after getting a good amount of gold bars up, they came tumbling down and had to start over. Jocasta even took slop for a week, when she failed to get back on the saddle in 30 seconds. A small error from Christine not realizing some of her gold bars were still not stacked gave Hayden the opportunity to come back and win the POV. Keeping with his word with Victoria, took her off the block and Frankie put up Amber as the replacement nominee. Zach again was the puppet for Team America but failed to get a rise out of Amber when Zach made another speech, which was suggested by Frankie. So Team America failed their first mission. Hopefully they don’t fail their next.

Prediction for America’s Vote, Eviction & HOH

Speaking of Team America’s next mission, it was decided by America’s Vote last night. My prediction is for two of Team America’s members will vote against the majority and pass blame on two other people. The other option is more difficult and would be luck of the draw for whatever the competition would be for HOH. Plus America probably wants to see some more drama in the house. For eviction, the votes may be swing in favor for another houseguest. I predict with America’s Vote for Team America’s next mission, that it will be Jocasta heading out the door with a 6-3 vote. Which would be hard for Donnie having to vote to evict his buddy Jocasta, but I think Jocasta can forgive Donnie after knowing why he did what he had to do. If that does happen HOH will be interesting to see and I would love to see Caleb & Amber win. I predict those two will win because in Big Brother history, we are due for an endurance competition. Caleb did well in endurance and Amber did ok. But with the flip during the house it will fuel both of them to win HOH to try and nominate those who voted against her.

We’ll just have to wait tonight to see what happens live on CBS Detroit 62 at 9pm to see whether Amber or Jocasta sees another day while the other gets the boot.


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