By: Evan Jankens

The NBA is known for high flying dunks. The likes of Dr. J, Michael Jordan and LeBron James have kids from all over the world wishing they could dunk just like them. I used to be one of those kids and didn’t realize until I was 16 that I wouldn’t be at their level.

Over the weekend, the NBA rookies gathered for their initial photo shoots, which include displays of dunking. Most of the players managed to do a spectacular dunk.

But one rookie didn’t exactly steal the show in a positive way.

Former Michigan Wolverine and Oklahoma City Thunder rookie Mitch McGary tried to put on a show of his own. McGary threw the ball up, did an awkward somersault and managed to finish the dunk. Personally, I thought he was going to miss.

Glenn Robinson III had a pretty nice 360 dunk.

Zach LaVine showed the world he is ready for the dunk contest.

First overall pick Andrew Wiggins just makes it look easy.

Which dunk was your favorite?


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