By: Evan Jankens

I think I have been Kate Upton’s biggest supporter in Detroit. Ever since she was first in Sports Illustrated, and even before she was the cover girl, I noticed her and became a huge fan of hers. Both reasons for my support are obvious.

But today I think I will take a different stance.

This is going a little too far. During Monday’s Tigers game against the Yankees, Upton sat behind the Tigers dugout. Not only did she sit behind the dugout, but Verlander flirted with her during the game.

As you can see in the tweet below he even tosses a baseball to her. Someone added a little audio to the real deal to make it a little, um, sexier. But the facial expressions really say it all.

It definitely gives credence to the idea she’s a distraction for the ace, who isn’t exactly having his best season. There has never been a time where I remember a player’s wife or girlfriend sitting right behind the dugout and conversing with them. It’s unheard of in Detroit at least.

I know when the player’s family or friends are in town they sit behind home plate but about 20 rows back and can’t really have communication with the players.

It just seems odd to me that this is allowed. I know he didn’t pitch last night, but can’t he be without her for three hours?


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