DETROIT (WWJ) – Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage is among the several cases being heard before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Cincinnati Wednesday.

While the three – judge panel in Cincinnati hears arguments from six cases out of four states – outside the courthouse dozens of people rallied in hopes the law will recognize same-sex marriage.

Most legal analysts are fairly certain that this issue will end up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Julia Perkins, a local marriage and parental rights attorney, says there won’t be a decision available immediately.

And if the justices rule in favor of lifting the ban on same sex marriage, couples in Michigan will be able to marry . . . but states Perkins, “I suspect the Circuit Court will continue the stay, pending the appeals – period.”

She says because the federal judge in Detroit actually held a trial and took testimony before he lifted the ban on gay marriage, she believes the Court of Appeals won’t change his ruling.

“They can issue one global opinion or they can issue it for each state who is arguing,” said Perkins.

There was little sign of public opposition near the courthouse. Opponents said they planned to pray that the judges uphold “traditional marriage.”

One media tweet, from Amy Lange of Fox 2 , described arguments in the courtroom over same sex marriage — saying Judge Martha Daughtrey
asked in Michigan’s case, “what harm comes?” adding that, “it doesn’t look like the sky has fallen in other cases.”

Perkins says she suspects even if the court of appeals rule in favor of lifting the ban, they will likely keep the ban in place while the opposition appeals.


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