christine   no cups Big Brother Season 16 Episode 19 Recap: Christine’s Revenge

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Look who’s the Fruit Loop Dingus now? It could be Caleb & Victoria being chained together for 48 hours dressed as Adam & Eve. Or it could be Jocasta for talking a big game but lacking any follow through. But it’s Zach the creator of the moniker who’s eating his own words during this episode. Nicole is the first female solo HOH this season and she still had her eyes set on backdooring Frankie. But her friend, Christine has other plans in mind and wants to ensure her former alliance member gets the boot. Here’s my recap of what happened last night.

48 Hours of Hell

How ridiculous did Caleb & Victoria looked in their Adam & Eve outfits. I think production really just wanted Caleb in less clothing and get him (or Zach or a guy in the house) to shave their head as a punishment. I think Caleb overreacted to having to shave his head, but if he were a Big Brother Super Fan he would have known most seasons there is someone that usually shaves his head. Frankie’s arousal of Caleb was quite funny but what does that mean for Zankie? Anyways, the 48 hours of being chained together proved to make a point, Caleb couldn’t stand Victoria and vice versa. But the segments made it look like Caleb & Victoria were an old married couple, bickering and even a slight moment of endearment. However both couldn’t wait to finally be rid of the other.

Quadropolis, The Rationale & Alliances Galore

I’m starting to get over all these alliance names. But it looks like the alliance of Hayden, Christine and Nicole is no more. But it never really had an alliance name so could have it been not an alliance at all? Christine feels threatened by not only Zach, for having nominated her but also Hayden for getting closer to Nicole. But Nicole may look like an airhead but our Michigander is a super fan and saw right through what Christine was trying to do. After forming an alliance with Derrick, Cody and Hayden calling themselves “The Rationale,” she went to consult with her alliance members of what Christine had said. As the number starts to dwindle in the house, it’s getting easier to see which houseguests are playing the game and who’s games are starting to have met their match. For Derrick & Cody they’re sitting comfortably with both sides of the house, however they’re going to have to reveal their true colors soon as tonight will be a Double Eviction episode! Will they be true to their two-person alliance of “The Hitmen,” and stay true to “The Detonators,” or “The Rationale,” my head is spinning from all these alliance names.

The Decaffeinator Wins POV

Nicole’s hope for POV player selection was her alliance members to play. But that didn’t pan out as she wanted when Caleb, Christine and Victoria were selected. Christine continues to coddle Zach that he’ll be safe, when in reality Christine would like nothing more than to see him out the door tonight. It was a memory time challenge filled with superhero personas of the houseguests. Attention to detail looked to throw all of the houseguests at one point during the competition. Zach was so adamant that he would win this competition that if he loss, America could call him the biggest, “Fruit Loop Dingus,” in Big Brother history. His stress of being on the block made Zach choke during the competition. It was a moment when we saw Zach, who was full of energy, feeling defeated. Clearly Caleb wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box but he still had feelings for Amber, he even would get a “prescription,” to her Femme Fatale comic book. Each of the houseguests’ superhero personas were amusing. Jocasta’s big talk of playing the game and showing her family she’s a hero fell short as she missed details in the pictures. In the end, “The Decaffienator,” Christine beat “Oktober Fist,” Nicole by 30 seconds. It was clear with Christine winning the POV she would weigh her options, but her main goal was to ensure Zach will leave the house for eviction. After much consideration she decided to keep the nominations the same and not use the POV.

My prediction for eviction

I really hope Zach does some campaigning to the other houseguests to ensure his safety. However I feel both Zach and Jocasta feel safe this week but only one will be relieved and the other surprised to have been evicted. I won’t be surprised to see the house all vote to evict one person over the other, but I don’t think Donnie could vote out Jocasta over Zach. My prediction this week is that Jocasta will be getting the boot with a vote of 6-2. If this happens I can wait to see the look on Nicole & Hayden’s face when Zach is still in the house.

My prediction for double eviction

As much as the houseguests can predict for a double eviction, one of them will be blindsided with the eviction. Especially when it happens in a matter of minutes. I always enjoy the fast past of a double eviction night because it puts the houseguests on edge, making them really start to playing the game and going with their gut. My hope is Julie will announce the double HOH twist will be over, so then we see a solo HOH for the remainder of the game. With that in mind, I predict Hayden will win HOH, nominate Jocasta & Victoria, Donnie is selected for POV and wins POV. Donnie saves Jocasta and Frankie is the replacement nomine, then Frankie being evicted with a unanimous vote.

But if the double HOH is still around then here is what I predict will happen with that; Hayden & Cody win HOH. Caleb & Victoria are nominated by one of them while Donnie & Jocasta are voted by the other. Then the POV is used on either of the nominee to then backdoor Frankie and to evict him with a unanimous vote. There have been a lot of talks from the houseguests on the air that Frankie needs to go. Also during the live feeds the houseguests are expecting a double eviction and have planned out whom they want to target. The target looks to be Frankie. Frankie has been playing a great social game as well as being a great competitor, so for him to be eliminated during a double eviction should be an honor to him. Frankie is a threat to most of the houseguests’ game but the same could be said about Donnie.

We’ll just have to tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit 62, to see whether Zach or Jocasta gets evicted and who’ll be joining one of them out of the house. After the double eviction we’ll be left with nine houseguests which means it’ll probably be the start of “juries,” meaning this point forward whoever gets evicted will cast their vote for the winner of this season’s Big Brother. Or could we see a twist where we’ll wait another week and the tiebreaker vote would be America? So many ideas are going through my head that I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode! I’ll be live tweeting during tonight’s episode and hope you’ll join me!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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