By Zahra Huber

A rocker loses his cool at a concert and throws a fan’s cell phone into the rafters.

There are different claims concerning the incident with Peter Frampton. He was performing at a concert in Indiana when an obnoxious fan ignored his repeated requests not to film his act with his cell phone. Frampton then bent down and asked for the fan’s phone and flung it into the rafters. Some witnesses say he just tossed it backstage. Either way, good for him.

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Apparently kids are awesome.

At least Noah Ritter from Pennsylvania is awesome. The boy was handed the mic by a reporter at the Wayne County Fair, and the kid apparently took advantage of the situation.

Watch the adorable video here.


We’re used to seeing Lady Gaga’s weird pictures. But this one is a little different. The singer posted a close-up selfie on Instagram wearing an oxygen mask. Her caption: “Altitude sickness is not Joke!”

The 28-year-old singer is currently on her artRAVE Tour.

Check out her pictures here.


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