DETROIT (WWJ) — Yet another round of recalls from General Motors.

The auto giant announced on Friday that over 200,000 more vehicles will be recalled due to ignition key issues. The vehicle in question this time around is the Saturn Vue, model years 2002-2004.

In a press release on Friday, GM confirmed that ignition keys could possibly be removed when the vehicle is not in the off position and is aware of two crashes and one injury potentially related to the issue.

Dealers will inspect for key pullout or key binding and, if necessary, replace the ignition cylinder and key set at no charge to customers.

GM urged that until recall repairs have been performed, it is important that before exiting the vehicle for customers to make sure the vehicle is in “Park” —  or in the case of a manual transmission to put the transmission into reverse gear and set the parking brake.

Kelley Blue Book analyst Karl Brauer said that car companies are now going back further than ever to fix problems.

“I don’t think that we’re going to see any Ford Granadas or Chevy Vegas recalled, I’m assuming,” Brauer said. “But, it is interesting to see them reaching further back– the automakers are reaching back further back then I’ve ever seen before.”

GM announced a recall of 7.6 million vehicles in June which dated back to 1997 for similar ignition switch issues. The company said that it was aware of three deaths, eight injuries and seven crashes involving the vehicles recalled earlier this year and that it had no conclusive evidence that faulty switches contributed to the crashes.

GM has recalled more than 27 million vehicles in total so far this year.

“It reflects that this company is going to do what it has to do to go back through all of these issues and really address them,” Brauer said. “I think that we’re definitely seeing the slow-but-sure death of the mechanical ignition switch.”

In the same release, GM announced five more unrelated recalls including 2013 Cadillac ATS and 2013 Buick Encores due to a lapbelt issue; 2014-15 Chevy Impalas with a faulty inertia latch; 2009-10 Chevy Aveos and 2009 Pontiac G3s for a brake fluid issue; and 2014 Chevy Sparks for lower control arm attaching bolts.


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