Last night’s episode of Big Brother was explosive with war of words, backstabbing, struggles, defeat and triumphing over those who are against one’s own game. Frankie, Zach and Nicole had something to prove last night, but it was Frankie who supposedly had the biggest challenge of them all. Nicole may have lost Hayden but she was still in the house. Zach was possibly going to be evicted but lived to see another week. Frankie had been blind-sided and overcame “the haters,” to prove he’s a competitor and is playing this game. Frankie also reveals a teaser for the upcoming episode. Here’s my recap and breakdown of last night’s episode.

Post-Double Eviction Blowout

With Hayden out of the house a very distraught Nicole was tried to keep herself composed, but was unsuccessful to hide her emotions. Meanwhile Zach lived to see another day and continued to make sure Nicole knew that she wasn’t able to get rid of her target for the week. This all happened all thanks to Derrick and Cody’s decision to stay with the Detonators. However it’s pretty clear that Derrick is controlling this house and influencing heavily other houseguests’ strategies. I’m surprised that Nicole being the “super fan” didn’t see through Derrick’s manipulation and it goes to show that Derrick’s undercover cop skills are being put to good use. This season is looking to be Derrick’s game to lose.

However there are a few dark horses still in this game. Cody whom I thought could be a dark horse is merely a pawn in Derrick’s game. Donny continues to show promise as a competitor and social game player. Caleb and Zach are putting the pieces together from what Nicole & Hayden said during their eviction speeches. Frankie and Christine try to do damage control but with a fired up Nicole, it wasn’t looking so good. Christine wanted Hayden out so she could continue her alliance with Nicole, but now being exposed with an alliance with the boys makes Nicole feel hesitant to trust Christine. Frankie couldn’t keep his mouth shut and confesses instead of denying the allegations. Which further continues to sever ties with Zach and somehow Derrick went unscathed.

Nicole & Christine Win Their Brackets For HOH

HOH for this week was crucial for some houseguests. I was a little bummed that the HOH competition wasn’t an endurance. However the tournament style trivia HOH was an interesting match up. Nicole didn’t have any trouble securing her HOH for the week. I was a little bummed Donny didn’t win the other bracket, Zach should have actually read the clues to win the competition but it was Christine who came out the victors. Was anyone surprised that Victoria won her round? Or do you think Derrick may have thrown it knowing he was safe?

Haycole & Zankie no more

With Derrick not being blamed for Hayden and Jocasta’s, the showmance was no longer together in the game and the bromance of Zankie had been severed due to Frankie’s mistrust. Zach felt betrayed by Frankie, while Frankie was telling Zach that he saved him from the game and it’s affected his game play as well. The bromance definitely had seen the end when nominations came. Caleb in a surprising turn, told Nicole to put him up as a pawn and he would throw the competition. The guys (Caleb, Cody, Derrick & Zach) saw the risk of keeping Frankie and wanted to make sure to get him out this week. With Christine nominating Zach and Donnie it just showed to Zach how much he couldn’t trust Frankie.

For the viewers this has been a long time coming because relatively this season has been pretty stale with arguments or conflict. Devin may have been a little off the wall, but it was nothing like how Nicole or Zach blew up to the house. This may have affected their game but it also pushed them to fight back and make sure those who are ruining their chances of winning will be evicted before them. Both Nicole and Zach’s target this week is Frankie. The fact that Caleb was on board, shows how much of a threat Frankie had become and how much of his game play had now been found. The manipulation and lies Frankie had done were coming to light. Karma was coming back to get him.

Frankie Triumphs In BOB

The incentive for winning BOB should have made Caleb get a little excited but staying true to his word would throw the competition. With the competition being a puzzle board, Caleb sat out and let Frankie do it alone. Frankie trying to convince Caleb to play had no luck and could see how much hate the other houseguests had for him. To win BOB he had to do it alone. Meanwhile it was important for Donny and Zach to communicate in order to win this competition. Now for Big Brother Super Fans or fans of the show for a few years, this competition is easily a one person against one-person competition. However they made it where this competition was for two people on one game board and the same on another. A great example of this competition is looking back from Season 14 when Frank had to do the same thing to ensure his safety and sure enough he saved himself for the week. For this season it was Frankie and with determination, skill and a little bit of luck won the BOB saving himself and Caleb from eviction. Meanwhile dethroning Nicole, keeping Christine as HOH leaving Zach and Donnie on the block.

Frankie may have lost a bit of allegiance from some of his fellow houseguests, but he can sit back this week knowing he’s safe. Zach looking visibly pissed didn’t want any apology from Frankie to which Frankie replied, “Well at least I’m a safe loser,” and a safe loser Frankie is indeed. What’s surprising to hear Frankie say is he needs to come clean about being related to a famous celebrity, his sister Ariana Grande, to hopefully win back some trust of the houseguests. But this happened at the end of the show, giving us a tease for what’s to come next.

Predictions for POV

This next POV competition will be one for the books this season. There’s Donny who has been nominated for the block and gotten himself off the block by winning POV every time being nominated, against Zach who continues to either play really hard at competitions or throw them. Christine has been getting a few wins but I doubt she’ll get a win this time around. I definitely predict some punishments will be offered to gain points to win the veto or maybe even cash to not take the veto. If Caleb, Nicole and Frankie are selected then it will be an all out war for the veto. Which I would love to see happen because then it will be interesting to see if the veto would be used and who the replacement nominee will be. But I predict Donny or Zach will win getting themselves off the block and Christine choosing the safe route will nominate Victoria as a pawn to get the other houseguest who remains on the block out of the house.

On Wednesday’s episode, we’ll get to see Christine, Frankie & Caleb leave the Big Brother house for a bit as a reward in the BOB competition. Who will the POV, will be used and who the replacement nominee will be if it’s used. How will the other houseguests react to the news of Frankie being the Big Brother to Ariana Grande? Tune in on Wednesday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see what happens next!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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