Ohio State Lists BCS Title Game On Schedule, Only Problem It Doesn’t Exist Anymore [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

I just don’t know who proofreads at major universities anymore. Last week I posted a story about how Michigan State couldn’t spell accurate right on their sign right outside of their locker room.

Ohio State has messed up in the past year, as well, as they tried to take a jab at Michigan.

Even Michigan messed up spelling ‘American’ on a mock ESPN cover they sent to a recruit.

Another day, another mistake, this time by Ohio State. A schedule posted in the Buckeye’s locker room lists their 2014 schedule — and there’s only one little problem, they listed the BCS Championship game on the schedule even though it no longer exists.

The game is now called the College Football Championship Game. Ah, when will people start to proofread?

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