By Ryan Wooley

By Ryan Wooley

Cincinnati Bengals

I’m sure I will get blasted for thinking that the Bengals signing Andy Dalton to a six-year contract worth $115 million dollars is a smart move, but hear me out. What were the Bengals before Dalton? The Bungals and bottom-dwellers of the AFC North, right? Well since he took over as the starting quarterback of the franchise they have made the playoffs the last three years, won an AFC North title, and have had three 10-win seasons. Yes, one could say he doesn’t deserve to be paid like the upper tier quarterbacks in the league – but if you truly break down the numbers the deal only guarantees 17 million over two seasons with years three through six becoming team options. In my mind it is a very smart investment for the team because of Dalton finally does break through and win a playoff game or two, or he continues to improve every year, he will be locked in with the Bengals for four years and cheaper than what he would have commanded had they tried to resign him after the fact. Smart move, Cincinnati.

San Antonio Spurs

It’s no secret that the Spurs have and have had one of the best coaches to ever grace the sidelines in Gregg Popovich, but they have now went out and hired Becky Hammon, a former six time WNBA player of the year and 15 year veteran that has played for both the New York Liberty and San Antonio Stars. With the hiring, the Spurs have also become the first professional sports to have a woman on their coaching staff and maybe have broken down a barrier that not many want to talk about. There is nothing wrong with having a woman as an assistant or even a head coach, but just like African-American coaches in the NFL, it took time. Well, it appears the time is now because Hammon was with the team last season in route to their 5 game victory over the Heat in the Finals and if she continues to aid the team with her basketball IQ – perhaps she will get a head coaching gig sooner than later.

Rory McIlroy

Let’s not kid ourselves that the love affair (no pun intended) is over with Tiger Woods, but now having another player emerge on the PGA tour as the face of golf is not only good for the sport, but refreshing to see. Yes, golf has been, and will always be a “gentlemen’s game”, but we have always looked for that next guy to challenge Tiger as either a villain or fan favorite, and while Phil Mickelson and others have done a nice job at times, there has never been a constant threat. Well don’t look now but with Rory McIlroy has just joined Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only golfers in the modern era to win four majors before the age of 26 after winning the PGA Championship over the weekend. Will his incredible run continue or come to an abrupt end? Nobody really knows for sure but for the time being, enjoy the ride.


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