Otev makes a return into the Big Brother House! His return couldn’t come at a better time as the house is all in shambles from Frankie’s house of lies. Zach feels hurt and betrayed, while Derrick continues to manipulate his way to the finale. Victoria surprisingly got more screen time this episode and Team America had their next task to complete. The POV is up for grabs, Christine wants to ensure the nominations stay the same to send Zach out the door, Zach & Donnie want to ensure their safety, but only one of them will come out on top. We have passed the halfway point in this game so the finale is getting closer in sight!

Frankie’s Escape Goat

Ariana Grande’s brother is on Big Brother!?!? No surprise for the viewers, but for the houseguests Frankie’s reveal was all strategy than sympathy. Zach still upset from losing the BOB competition continued his rage, frustration and distaste for Frankie. Lying in the Big Brother house is a common occurrence, but being called out for it will test houseguests’ social game play and fight. For Frankie it was to cover his tracks, rebuild loyalty and give himself as Victoria said, “An escape goat.” Which Victoria is absolutely correct in saying because Frankie may not be rich as his famous sister, but has a big following on social media and is playing for a charity. We’ve seen how charity can easily influence the game. On season nine, Adam won his season for saying he would donate a portion of his winnings to the charity he had worked for. Zach even knew admitted he had no chance now in beating Frankie in the finale because of this omission. So for Zach his only move now is to stab Frankie before he gets stab and send him to jury.

Victoria The Lone Wolf

Derrick has been playing a very smart game this season. Forming alliances in the house, being a member of Team America and using his skills as an undercover cop to get himself further in the game. Derrick’s escape goat plan would be in the event Cody is evicted to have Victoria by his side. Victoria has clearly had no one in the house she’s in an alliance with. Victoria is a lone wolf and Derrick seized the opportunity to form a bond with her. This is a great game move on his part because he knows he will win against Victoria in the finale, but also will be a vote for him in jury. Victoria being the lone wolf is naive to the fact that she’s getting played by her confidant but also to the house. But being the lone wolf has their advantages because Victoria is floating her way closer to the finale.

The Return Of Otev

Gilbert Gottfried was the voice for this year’s OTEV. OTEV came back in the form of foul mouth penguin wanting drinks inspired by evicted houseguests. Christine’s goal for this competition was to keep nominations the same. For Derrick and Caleb they wanted to ensure Donnie wouldn’t win the POV. While Donnie, Nicole and Zach wanted to win the POV to ensure their safety in the house. Nicole being the dethroned HOH this week, knew their could be a slight possibility of being backdoored, but hoped her trust in Christine would pay off. In the end it was Beast Mode Cowboy Caleb against Zach in winning the veto. Zach even tried to persuade Caleb into just throwing the competition, but Caleb had no intention of doing so and wants Zach to earn his safety. Also Caleb being the competitor didn’t want to throw another competition. But Zach Attack was victorious with his “Amber-ita,” drink that pleased OTEV to win the POV.

With his win Zach clearly used the veto on himself and forced Christine to nominate another houseguests. With only Cody, Derrick, Nicole and Victoria left, it was clear Christine had a choice to make. Either go with her alliance the Detonators or her “best friend,” in the house. Caleb still thinking the Bomb Squad alliance is still in tact, pushed Christine to nominate Nicole by convincing her that if Nicole had the opportunity Nicole would have backdoored Christine. Which wasn’t all entirely a lie, but was enough for Christine to go against her “best friend,” in the house and put Nicole up on the block with Donnie.

Team America Bails On Mission

In no surprise, Team America didn’t complete their task for this week, which was to get someone nominated, say they’re the pawn but in the end get them evicted. With Donnie being on the block they all knew this mission would not work in their favor. However I think they could have easily completed this mission with Cody as the target, but since Derrick and Frankie are in an alliance most of the houseguests who are left to be nominated in the house, this mission was “too risky” and decided to not complete this mission. I’m bummed but the Team America twist isn’t working I think as the producers had hoped because it hasn’t seen many shake-ups in the house. However it would be great to see maybe a week when America is HOH but I doubt we’ll see that coming.

My Prediction for Eviction & HOH

Jocasta will get to see her buddy Donnie, as it looks to be a unanimous vote to send him to jury. However with the possibility of an evicted jury member to return to the game, Donnie will be I believe America’s pick to return to the game. But if Derrick and Frankie are loyal to America, they may try to push to send Nicole packing to see her “boyfriend” Hayden in jury. Either way this week’s eviction will be a dull unanimous vote from the houseguests. I really hope if/when there is another double eviction week they’ll end the twist of two HOHs or ending the two HOH twist soon because the number of houseguests is dwindling and eventually if houseguests aren’t HOH then they’ll be nominated. But keeping with the twist, I believe this next week will be an endurance competition so we’ll be left wondering after tonight’s live eviction episode who the two HOHs will be. I predict however that Frankie & Cody will win HOH. I would love to see Victoria win a HOH but that’s really pushing for a surprise.

Tune in tonight at 9pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see if our Michigander Nicole or America’s favorite houseguests and Team America member Donnie is sent to jury. I look forward to hearing Julie try and get some responses from houseguests about Frankie’s reveal. Also will we see Ariana Grande again in the audience or even a segment in tonight’s episode? We’ll just have to tune in and see! Follow me on Twitter (@whoismarkdrum) tonight, as I’ll be live Tweeting tonight’s live eviction episode!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. Mark is a graduate from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email


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