The most twisted season’s twist ends next week and I could not be more excited for it to end! Tonight’s episode was all about football and sending Nicole the 23 year-old nursing graduate from Ubly, Michigan to jury. This season continues to show one alliance dominating the Big Brother house and a front-runner has been leading the charge for weeks now. Zombies came to scare the houseguests this week and hopes to prepare them for the HOH competition. In the end the Detonators are still in control of the house. Or in Caleb’s mind the Bomb Squad.

Thursday Night Football on CBS

Who’s ready for some football this year? Christine, Frankie & Caleb all had the opportunity to go to the Dallas Cowboys Training Camp for a day outside of the Big Brother House. Beast Mode Cowboy was of course loving the whole experience, while Christine & Frankie were just excited as well but more so getting out of the house. I’m surprised that Nicole didn’t use this time for the houseguests who were away to try and save herself from the block. But of course going up against Donny, a self-described “loner” in the house and also Nicole’s friend was a difficult task.

Nicole is sent to jury

With no surprise we said goodbye to Nicole with an unsurprising 6-0 vote for her eviction. I found it interesting that Julie also asked Nicole about the status of Hayden & relationship would be. Both clearly want to stay friends and that they had a showmance. Julie also told Nicole that there would be a possibility for her to come back into the house and compete only fueling her super fan desires even more. However it being most likely an endurance competition, she her work cut out for her going up against Hayden and the other houseguest that gets evicted next week.

Dead Of Household

So during the week, the houseguests got a surprise guest of zombies in the Big Brother house. Poor Nicole was freaking out from all the antics the zombies had. However most fans know that this would be important to know as Big Brother doesn’t do anything without a reason. The houseguests were then informed by an Emergency Broadcast system of Zombies causing terror. Which after each broadcast would give clues that would be important to remember for an upcoming competition and that being HOH. In the end it was down to Cody, Frankie and Derrick for the two HOH positions, with the final answer splitting the three, Cody was eliminating crowing Frankie & Derrick as the new HOHs this week. I was glad that Julie didn’t tell the houseguests to “expect the unexpected,” the upcoming week or anything about a twist. But again the Detonators are controlling the house and there are only three people not in that alliance and now the numbers have been in their favor for a while. So this upcoming week will hopefully be the week they turn on each other.

My ranking of the houseguests

  1. Derrick – Rachel Reilly made a guest appearance on the live show and stated he’s playing a good game. He’s made great moves, laid low but also been able to manipulate houseguests. If anyone were to get him out of the house, they’d deserve his vote. However that may seem very unlikely and will continue to coast to the finale.
  2. Zach – Though he may be a lot of people’s targets he’s gotten himself out of many different situations. So we’ll see if he’s either backdoored or saved this week. Plus it’ll keep the target on him making other houseguests in his alliance to keep trying to get him out.
  3. Frankie – So he revealed his big secret this week and he has a lot of rebuilding of trust to work on. Frankie continues to win competitions and show he’s a competitor. I see no chance of him getting backdoored this week, however that would be a pleasant surprise.
  4. Cody – He may not be getting a lot of airtime, but he’s still a dark horse in this game. His bond with Christine is a little questionable, since she’s married, but friendships do form. We’ll see if he starts making more social game moves this week or continues to lay low.
  5. Donny – Donny keeps losing people he trusts in the house. Donny is fully aware of an alliance controlling the game but Team America Alliance has done him no harm. This week however may be the week when that ends. Here’s hoping “The Beard,” can win competitions again and save himself!
  6. Christine – Nominating a friend and getting her evicted is not a strong game move. Being manipulated and choosing the male dominate side just shows Christine is a floater not shaking anything up in the house. Also wanting to get Zach out and failing is also a demerit to her game play.
  7. Victoria – No change here, but she will soon see the finale and coast her way to second place. I would love to see her win a HOH or even a POV to shake things up in the house. But she’s Derrick’s “escape goat” and could easily be evicted when they have no more use of her.

My Prediction for Nominations, BOB & America’s Vote

Clearly Frankie & Derrick’s target is going to be getting Zach out of the house. They know that he’s clearly a threat to their game as well as a liability. Victoria is in Derrick’s back pocket as a safety net and will surely be safe. So that only leaves members of their alliance and Caleb to nominate. These nominations are crucial if they want to evict Zach, they can either backdoor him or put him up with another weak player or have an alliance member throw the competition with him ensuring he possibly get’s evicted. There are many scenarios but also so many predictable outcomes. So I think Frankie will nominate Donny & Caleb, while Derrick nominates Cody & Christine. Then for BOB Caleb will once again throw the competition to hopefully ensure himself & Donny stay on the block, then the following episode wins POV and Zach is the replacement nominee. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Also with America’s Vote, it looks like Team America will try and keep Zach up from 24 hours since he seems to be the easy target as well as someone they want to get out of the house because hiding people’s clothes and organizing a neighborhood watch just sounds ridiculous.

Tune in on Sunday at 8pm on CBS Detroit 62 to see who Frankie & Derrick nominate for eviction, which of the nominees save themselves from the block and dethroning their HOH that nominated them. Plus, will see which America’s vote was chosen for Team America’s next mission.


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