The Greatest Caller Jamie & Wojo Have Ever Had [AUDIO]

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Jamie-5837web Jamie Samuelsen
Jamie Samuelsen is the co-host of the “Jamie and Wojo Show” that airs...
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By Jamie Samuelsen

Our show was winding down on Thursday night when we made the fateful decision to pick up a call from ‘Mike from Rochester Hills.’About eight minutes later, things would never be the same.

Mike informed us that his call was fueled be ‘6 to 10’ beers consumed during a day of yard work in his barn. (They have barns in Rochester Hills?)

He then went on to spin a tale that included a stolen mascot head, a dead woman lying in bed next to her husband and the strong belief that the Lions will win the Super Bowl this year.

In case you missed it, here is the greatest caller that our show will ever hear from. We may have to call Mike back again and again as the Lions’ season unfolds.

Greatest Caller Ever

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