By: Evan Jankens

Throwing the first pitch at a professional baseball game has become a minor obsession of mine. I’ve always wanted to be able to throw out the first pitch at a Tigers game, so I guess you can just say I am jealous of all these celebs.

50 cent threw out arguably the worst first pitch in history.

Chrissy Teigen threw out a great first pitch but had tweeted she was drunk beforehand.

We used to think that Carly Rae Jepsen threw out the worst first pitch, but boy did she get trumped.

Over the weekend, Miss Texas, Monique Evans threw out the first pitch before the Rangers took on the Angels. Evans looked great before she threw the ball…and then magic happened.

Evans tried to do some ballet as she was throwing the pitch but the only problem was she rolled the ball. She didn’t roll the ball on purpose as “The Dude” did a few weeks back. She just wasn’t successful in getting the pitch in the air.

This was hands down worse than any of the before-mentioned first pitches.

What do you think?


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